Monday, July 19, 2010

Horses and pool parties...

Mrs. Kravitz invited me and another gal that rides at the barn to her house to go swimming. She has an above ground pool... she made margaritas and had some chips with dip.

It was a 100 degree day and a pool party sounded purty good to me!

The other gal invited is 28, with long, long legs, rides well, and looks amazing in a bikini.


Hope no one minded my bulges! Grin.

While we were swimming, Mrs. Kravitz told us that she told Mr. Kravitz he could NOT come into the pool while we were swimming. She told us that she was always really grossed out when she was a little girl by old, hairy men in the pool.

I looked at her open mouthed, "Mrs. Kravitz, he is your HUSBAND! It is so NOT the same thing!"

"Yes, it is. He has a hairy chest and it's turning grey just like those gross, disgusting, old men when I was a little girl!" she replied in a smug and justified way.

"NO! That is not the same thing - YOU are MARRIED to him and you SLEEP with him every night. You are the same age!"

I almost drowned laughing.

Just then Mrs. Kravitz looks over and sees Mr. Kravitz standing near the chips and dip on the back patio. She gets this panicky look in her eye and hisses "Look! Look at him! He's eating all our food! Look at his mouth! Look how busy his mouth is!"

Sure 'nuff. There is Mr. Kravitz, mouth chewing, marg in one hand, waving at us with a chip in the other....

Poor Mr. Kravitz.

Lucky for him, Furry stopped by on his way home from work and the boys were "allowed" poolside.

Hilarious. I guess you have to know them.... Mr. Kravitz wears hearing aids (years spent rocking out in a band ruined his ears) and simply takes them out when Mrs. Kravitz really gets going.

Constant entertainment. Really. Bless their hearts.


I had another great weekend of horse lessons. Poor Furry Husband. I was taking lessons on ONE horse regularly. My costs have doubled, because I'm taking lessons each week on TWO horses. Yikes.

I don't wanna stop taking lessons with Rosso since my comfort level is coming back. I don't want the fear of him to return. And while my comfort is coming back, I'm still not totally comfortable yet if that makes sense.

I'm beginning to enjoy Rosso and my lessons are good - leg yielding, we introduced shoulder fore and we are cantering 20 meter circles. He's been floppy eared and perfectly willing to work.

I still don't look forward to his lesson like I do with my mare, Sera. I guess I'm waiting to have an argument with him and see who comes out on top. (Hopefully ME!) Rex thinks that it may never happen. It really might have been pain and now that he is comfy he is willing.

Me? I'm not so sure just yet. But hey, I'm on him and I'm riding him.

Sera is doing great... my sitting trot is coming along. Rex gave me some pointers.... push my forehead out a little like I'm pressing it against an imaginary wall to keep my neck more stable and shock absorbing. Push my feet into my stirrups and use my ankles in a way that they absorb the bounce so my feet move more up and down vs. bouncing out and sideways. Keep my elbows tight against my torso. It's working. I'm sitting much better.

Tho', to be honest when I post Sera seems to fly!

Would be nice if I could sit THAT trot.

Practice makes perfect.

Or so I hear.


~Tonia said...

ROFL!! At the old hairy men... Poor guy....

Fyyahchild said...

Your neighbors sound hilarious. Sitcom material for sure.

Anonymous said...

I don't wanna stop taking lessons with Rosso since my comfort level is coming back. I don't want the fear of him to return. And while my comfort is coming back, I'm still not totally comfortable yet if that makes sense.

Okay, I totally get it, makes perfect sense to me. Yep, there is nothing wrong about that statement. I have had a couple of arguments with my Diego and much to my relief he has an opinion and then, if I am confident enough, he will accept my option instead. So we are getting there. Of course this is all taking place in his paddock. I haven't taken him out and ridden him yet :D

Shanster said...

Tonia - Mrs. Kravitz is definately HUMOR! We love her...

Fyyahchild - yes, it's almost like being in a Seinfeld!

mommyrides - yeah. It is hurting us in the pocketbook but what is the alternative? Feed him and pay for him but never ride him? And it DOES seem like if you stick to your guns and you are aggressive, they will give it up. Tho' I haven't had that opportunity with him yet, he's been good... you'll get there. So far, I'm only riding him in an indoor at my trainer's barn so you are not alone! Figure it doesn't matter how long it takes cuz I'm learning, he's learning and I am on absolutely no timeline... I know that would drive others insane cuz I'm such a slo-poke. shrug. To each their own! grin

Shanster said...

Oh and I make it sound like I've got it totally figured out? HA! Not a chance... but I'm happy that I'm just gettin' on him and riding him! It's all about the little things.

Melinda said...

The pool party story is totally hilarious!!! Im at work and laughing so hard that everyone knows Im definately not writing insurance!