Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Today is the first official day of my vacation! Furry Husband has 2 weeks a year and if he doesn't take them, he loses them. We are spending 1 week in September with his Mom in IL, and he took this week off. I thought... why not? I have the hours in my vacation bank, will be fun to have our little "stay-cation" and get some things done around here!

Yesterday we cleaned out our bunkhouse. We have this outbuilding with heat and electricity but no running water. Since our house is something like 800 sq ft, we use this outbuilding for storage...and it gets so full o' crap! So full in fact that I avoid going in there for fear I will never be seen again.

We pulled everything out and went through it.

We ended up with a station wagon FULL o' stuff to take to Goodwill, a giant trashcan full o' junk to toss out and some things I put on Craig's List or Ebay to see if we could make a little moola. (After all, I have my eye on 2 horse shows in August and Toe needs a portable, lightweight car kennel....)

2 book shelves

1 GIANT wire dog kennel (we have 2!)

1 telescope

1 set of small Toe size Utility obedience articles (I don't wanna take that many lessons or time to get to the Utility level!)

1 portable room swamp cooler

2 sets of snorkeling gear (let's face it, after the honeymoon, we are not ever going snorkeling again, we'd rather see wine country in Spain, France, Italy.... )

1 diecast collector model Ford Thunderbird 1955 car

1 chicken/bird egg incubator

1 weight bench

It felt great to clear stuff out AND find some things we'd forgotten.... like our SKY CHAIRS! Furry Husband hung them up and we literally hung out sippin' a cold one last night .... aahhhhhh.

Today we are headed up to Conifer and Bailey CO... Furry is gonna play a round or two of disc golf in prep for his state tournament this weekend and I'm taking Toe to hike around and enjoy the mountains.

Maybe we'll stop off in Pine at the beautiful open space park where we were married and head up to the ol' Buck Snort Saloon for a cold beer just like we did back in the days of yore....

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DebH said...

Happy "Stay-cation"! That sounds like an excellent way to spend vacation hours. I will in heart and soul, toast you with a cold brewsky at precisely 7 PM CST... (give or take an hour or so for mishaps, mayhem and just outright forgetfullness). I will toast to your good fortune and your ever addictive good cheer! Here Here!!