Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Everything comes to an end....

Vacation is over.

Can you hear me sobbing?

It was a such wonderful week I wish I could have a summer break like when I was in school... 3 mos... heck, I'd even take 1 measly lil' month.

Ah well. Back to the bricks to earn my paycheck that affords me the horses, goats, chickens, dogs, cats etc. etc.

We headed to a Rockies game Thursday. Nuthin' says summer like beer and dogs in a ballpark. Our buddy got tix from his Coors rep so we had great seats 13 rows up from the field in foul ball territory. (yes, we drank Coors beer. I don't think you can drink any other kind when you are in the Coors seats. It's the law.) I told the fellas it was up to them to catch any foul balls and protect my face. heh.

Furry Husband left Friday morning to play in the Colorado Disc Golf Championships, leaving me to my own devices. (He came in 5th place - way to go Furry!)

The Colorado Chicken took her mare on another trail ride. Sera was holding her head funny and her ears were flat out sideways like helicopter propellers. She didn't feel like she was going to spook or like she was hurting but she was so funny with her head. ?? I would stop her, pull her face toward me and scratch it thinking she had a big horsefly or something on her nose.

Turns out it was the grasshoppers.

She was highly offended by them pinging off of her chest, legs and nostrils. Who can blame her? I hate bugs that jump out at you... and you all know that in grade school I went to Christ Child Camp (gag) where some poor girl in a neighboring cabin put on her panties with a giant friggin GRASSHOPPER in the crotch... sent her screaming and running around the camp grounds... and gives me the willies just to THINK about a grasshopper anywhere near my naughty bits.

I had a great lesson on Rosso - we are making strides on our partnership, trust and my fear issues with the giant red gelding... I'm beginning to LIKE him vs. looking at him like he might kill me.

I had a fantastic lesson on Sera the next day... she is coming back into work wonderfully. Maybe a show or two in August? Will we get 2 scores of 60% or better to get closer to my USDF Bronze medal? Fingers crossed!

Toe ate another damn mushroom... we tried to make him vomit with peroxide but he has a cast iron will and he is a complete food whore. He decided he would KEEP that mushroom in his guts. He was fine. Tho' we had our neighbor Mrs. Kravitz check on him (she is a top nurse at the CSU vet hospital so she knows her stuff)

She called to say, "There is something wrong with Toe. His tail keeps wagging and it won't stop. I think his tail is seizing."

Funny Mrs. Kravitz! See why we love her even tho' she watches us with binoculars?


~Tonia said...

Vacation is a wonderful thing!
Lol about the grasshoppers and the girls at camp... Poor Girl!
And Lol at the Seizing tail!

Shanster said...

Yes. Yes it is. wistful smile....