Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Good, busy weekend... cleaning goat and horse pens, trimming goat feet, cleaning house and going to The Rio for margs and Mexican food. Only to come home, check the horses and find Rosso is choking.

He had some wad of food stuff stuck somewhere in his throat so nothing could go down... lots of saliva and other food particles coming out his nostrils. And Rosso is The Anti-Stoic. Poor sensitive soul. His head was hanging low and he looked miserable.

We took him to our vet 4 doors down, she worked on him for a couple hours. She sticks a long tube down his throat to locate the jam... pumps water and some mineral oil in trying to dislodge... the wad of food was right at the entrance of his stomach. She dislodged it and due to the nature of it, she started him on penicillin and genomycin (sp?). There is a risk he aspirated some spit or feed into his lungs and could get pneumonia.

Fingers crossed there is no aspiration pneumonia!

I'm giving him penicillin shots IM (intramuscular) 2x a day and monitoring his temperature. I really don't like the IM shots and especially with penicillin and pulling back the plunger to make sure I didn't hit a vein or capillary... and procaine reaction risk and ... and.... and.....

My vet showed me the areas on his rump to give them. I rotate the shots, right side of the neck, left side of the neck, left butt cheek, right butt cheek. Round and round we go!

I've never given butt shots before. It makes me more than a little nervous I could get kicked, not that Rosso is mean and would kick me on purpose, but YOU try having a 1" needle jammed into your ass! It might make you react before you have a chance to think about it too.

So far Rosso's been a good boy and while his eyes get big, his head comes up like, "What in THE....!" He jumps to the side away from me and there is no kicking. Good boy!

I'm memorizing tests for my show this weekend... gaaaaaaaa! I'm doing Second Level, tests 1-4. Tests 1 & 2 on Sat, tests 3 & 4 on Sun. Similar movements all occurring in different spots. They begin to meld into one giant test.... circle where? Canter who? What is my name? Who are you? Why am I in Wyoming?

I'll let you know when my panic level reaches defcon 5. I think right now it's hovering between 3 and 4.

Rosso ate part of Sera's mane near the withers...it is 2" long and stands straight up. She will look like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals during our tests.



DebH said...

geez...you got me with all bunches of nerves in my stomach for you!! You'll do wonderful and you will survive just fine also.

Poor Rosso, I've heard of the choking ordeal before, but it sure sounds like you took care of it well.
I would hate to inject a horse in the butt....I think I would be landed against the barn wall if I tried it.
I give a cow a shot on occassion and if you can imagine a 1200 lb critter who thinks a little itty bitty needle feels like someone is taking a chainsaw to them, That would me my cows. They feel you poke and they are gone!!! I can only succeed when they are laying down sleeping...then I gotta be FAST!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Shanster, I'm so sorry you had such a rotten weekend!! Poor Rosso. I hope he and you will be in good shape before too long!!!
This Saturday my sweet little dog was attacked by a coyote and talking about puncture's in the butt, she had three!!! She is also on antibiotics and anti-inflamatories and will absolutely positively not let anyone near her butt!!! And then the pony we bought at auction to get healthy, happy and to sell has a herpes virus, the little tramp!!! And the crack between her butt cheeks is raw and infected. Every heard of that one before!!! What was it about this weekend!!

Hopefully you will get your tests figured out, Rosso will not get pneumonia and my little pony mare will learn to stop trying to get to the boys, OIE!!!!!

Shanster said...

DebH - yes, I will be fine. No pressure other than what I put on myself and it's not like this show means anything to anyone other than me! grin. Gots to keep it in perspective!

Oh, I can't imagine shots to cows!! YOU must be super speedy!

mommyrides - Thank goodness your dog is still alive! I've heard many stories to the contrary!!! I hope her punctures heal up FAST... and wha? about your poor pony? She just wants to be loved, is that so wrong... grin

Hope she heals up super fast!