Monday, July 26, 2010

Greek yogurt and nipplage

I put a tank top on the other morning cuz it was hot out. This particular tank top has this built in "bra" which is really more of a pain in the arse than anything, but I'm too stubborn to toss this tank top out and even tho' I don't like it because of the weird bra thingy I still wear it.

I was brushing my teeth and I noticed in my bathroom mirror reflection something that looked like my nipple. Only it was sort of on the bottom of my breast and it was pointing straight down.

I had this flash of, "Oh. Geez. Oh. Wow. I really AM old cuz look at my nipple. It's on the bottom of my boob and it's staring at the floor!" and then I reached up to feel because it was so bizzare looking and I really thought it was my nipple.

Nope. It was that stupid built in bra thing.... there was some bunchy material there.

Oh. Well. SHEW!

I'm NOT that old ..... yet.

And now the recipe for Greek yogurt:

*1 quart of whole goat/sheep/cow/yak/water buffalo (whichever you may own) milk. We doubled the recipie because: go large or go home!

*Spoon 2 Tbl of said milk into a bowl and stir in 2 Tbl of full fat yogurt with live active cultures. Set aside for now.

*Bring the milk into a boil. (be careful with this step! we let milk boil for an ice cream recipe and it boiled right over onto the stove top in the blink of an eye... HUGE mess.) We were a little too chicken to bring the milk to boil (see italics) but it was hot and moving around like it was breathing in the pot.

*Take milk off the heat, and let it stand without stirring until it reaches 100. (I forgot and stirred... and I also put it in an ice bath so I wouldn't have to wait very long because I am impatient that way...)

*A skin will form on the top (this did not happen with mine but like I said... I stirred it and I am impatient), using a table knife, make a slit in the skin and pour the milk/yogurt mixture in. Cover the milk with a kitchen towel and move the yogurt into your oven.

*Turn your oven light on (oh, Furry Husband laughed and laughed at the "turn your oven light on" step) and let it stand for 16 hours.

*Using a skimmer/slotted spoon, lift the skin off the top of the yogurt and discard (or feed to the dog(s)). Carefully ladle the yogurt into a sieve lined with a double layer of cheesecloth and refrigerate until much of the whey is drained and the yogurt is thick - at least 4 hours.

*Transfer to a bowl and serve.

We added honey to taste as a sweetner and strawberries for fruit to ours.

It was definitely thicker than previous yogurt attempts and if I had been patient.... it may have gotten thicker...but I didn't let it drain long enough. It was at least 4 hrs, but I think there was still a lot of whey to drain. I should have scraped the sides of the cheese cloth to take away the thick yogurt and let the thin drain more whey....

Give it a whirl and let me know how yours turns out! It was pretty easy schmeasy!


DebH said...

I am definitely giving that a try, after your post on Chevre, (and the hint on ordering the starter), I made chevre until its coming out my ears. I love yogurt too,,now detail how to make some lovely sharp aged cheese!! I need pictures and step by step..LOL...I am a visual learner and also extremely impatient...I will be slicing away while it ages no doubt..

Anonymous said...

I'll try out the recipe as soon as I get my goat.
Throw out that old tank top and get yourself a new one.

Cheryl said...

Hahaha! That is hilarious! Reminds me of the time I saw my sister without a bra on...yikes! I hate those things too. But if you wear then with a sturdy sports bra underneath they do help prevent exercise saggage.

Homemade Greek yogurt!...have to admit, that is something I will probably never try, so long as TJ's sells it at such a reasonable price...

Shanster said...

DebH - I'm gonna try a soft rind cheese.. keep your fingers crossed! I'm not sure I like the hard cheese..too much time til you can eat 'em! I'm too impatient!

Dedene - go get that goat!

Cheryl - oh, I usually wear the sports bra under my tanks and the tanks are only for home use... not public outings! I suppose if it looks like my nipple is on the bottom of my boob, there is no one to see it but me! I only make the yogurt cuz I have so much milk...otherwise I buy it at the store too!