Friday, July 23, 2010

Keep Norman in your thoughts...

This is Norman. He doesn't belong to us, but we babysit him when his parents go out of town. He is a big, sweet lug and he's only 4 1/2 yrs old.
His Mom called me last night crying. He's been diagnosed with Wobblers Disease. The options aren't good. Not good at all.
Norman is her first dog. She waited all through college and after until she and her sweetie had a house, the time, the money to get her first dog. She had always wanted a German Shepherd Dog and Norman has been loved and pampered. He goes everywhere with them... camping, hiking, he goes to work each day with his Dad.
My friend is completely devoted to him. She has some hard choices ahead of her, none of them with a very rosy outcome.
Her heart is breaking.
My heart is breaking for her.
Keep Norman and my friends in your thoughts, would you please? Now go have a good weekend and give all your dogs a big ol' hug and a kiss from me.


Melinda said...

I do not know a thing about Wobblers disease but I do know about loving a dog. My prayers are with Norman and his family. I sure hope everything turns out ok for them.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of Norman and his mom. I'm sorry to hear about this.

Cheryl said...

Oh no...I've lost enough pets to know what she must be going through...I'll keep you're her in my thoughts...

Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while. Lots of emotional stuff has gone one lately including the end of one I-thought-he-was-the-one relationship and the beginning of another. Or not. Not sure yet. Think the best thing for me to do right now is date myself.

love Cheryl

joven said...
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Susan said...

What is Wobbler's disease? A virus? Bacteria? If it's anything like that, get the dog on colloidal silver. If the vet isn't open to alternative stuff don't tell her/him. Colloidal silver works! It kills off pathogens and is safe.

By the way, I love goat's milk. I'm milking two does right now and making cheese and kefir. So much better than cow's milk.

Shanster said...

Thanks everyone for your kind and wonderful thoughts! I know Norman and his mom appreciate each and every one!

Wobblers (as I understand it and there is probably much more to it) is a skeletal/neruologic degenerative disease. Compression in the spine affects the spinal chord which affects gait and as it worsens, he would lose the ability to walk as well as become more and more painful.

Shanster said...

Susan - really? Goats milk is better? I've never had cow's milk straight from the cow... only store bought.

Figured it was similar to goat milk. Sometimes I think I'd like to have cow milk but I just don't think I could keep up with production! And the large animal space requirements etc.

Our 2 does give me plenty o' milk and I love it so I won't fix what ain't broke. grin.