Wednesday, July 28, 2010


About this time of the year, we have flies.

We put up those sticky fly trap things, we hang the fly trap bags. They are covered and filled with flies... it's all really disgusting.

And it doesn't really control the flies because when I'm milking goats, there are still flies everywhere. And when I ride, there are flies, flies and more flies and the little suckers bite!

Last year we tried fly predators for the first time. What are fly predators? They are these teeny, tiny little insects smaller than gnats. The predators don't kill existing flies; they lay their eggs in fly larvae killing any flies to be. We bought them at the height of fly season last year.

This year, before the flies were able to multiply, I bought some fly predators from the feed store. They come in a sealed bag, stored in the fridge. The bag rests at room temperature for 2-7 days until you see tiny, widdle, bugs in there. That's when you cut the bag open and sprinkle the predators around your place. You should spread new fly predators once a month during fly season... for us, that is 3 maybe 4 mos. of the year.

Today, I have 2 or 3 flies keeping me company while I milk goats. We haven't had to put out any fly traps and the outdoors are so much nicer without flies!

I decided to check out the company that sells these wonderful little bugs on-line. Sometimes our feed store keeps the predators too long in the fridge, they get old and don't hatch. Figured if I went directly to the source I wouldn't run into that problem.

Spaulding Labs are cheaper than the feedstore even with shipping... check 'em out!

I placed an order and I ordered some for my sister.

I never did hear back from her about a time she was free for me to treat her to a birthday lunch or outing. I remembered her commenting how many flies were around her yard.... so happy birthday sis! Enjoy your fly predators!

What do you think? A little too unconventional? grin.


Heather said...

I have heard that people swear by those things! If we ever get our own place I want to try them! I'm glad they are working for you! Do you know if they work with horse flies?

mommyrides said...

I've been wondering if those fly predators work. I think next year we are going for that. I hate flies, especially when you walk up to your poor horse that is covered in them, which disturbs the flies and then they land all over you, yuck, ick, gross, cause you know they have been all over the poo, and not that long ago!!!! The flies aren't horrible but they are bad enough. So thanks for the link and the testimonial!!!!

Cheryl said...

Flies bite?!!!! They must be some kind of superfly breed we don't see over here. Thank God.

Haha, that is an unusual birthday gift! My sister would never go for that. She's more a fancy, drink all you want for lunch kind of person.

Thanks for your note, btw!!! I'm doing way better...I backslide now and then I admit. But, one day at a time, right? And my sister and her three girls are coming to stay with me. I was dreading it earlier this summer thinking how crowded we'd be. But now I realize maybe that's exactly what I need.


Shanster said...

Heather - I haven't seen many horse flies or deer flies either! And I haven't seen the horses running around in a panic like they do when one of those big suckers lands on I'd say yes, they work for those too!

mommyrides - Furry Husband was pretty skeptical but I'm glad we tried them. They are truly amazing at reducing the fly population.

Cheryl - I think we all do. I'm glad you will have those fabulous neices and nephew to shower you with adoration for a few days. AND your sister around to bond and bitch with! Take care of yourself -