Saturday, April 3, 2010

Little House

What was up with Blogger yesterday? I tried to post and couldn't so there are 2 posts today...

Last week definitely felt like spring! My day lillies are showing up... the yarrow is beginning to show some green fronds, I think I've spotted some iris greenery...

I don't know what else is under there because I'm a lazy gardener and pretty new to gardening at that. I need to clear out the debris (today's chore).

My gardening goes like this: If the plant lives and I like it, I keep it. If I don't like it, I pull it. If something can't tough it out on our place, I don't keep trying. I don't baby any plant. I hope I remember to water.

I planted a bunch last year! I had free mulch and a ton of free divided perennials from a friend.
This year I hope to keep away from planting and focus on:
Creating a drip system for the plants who've been hardy enough to survive my minimalist gardening.

Finishing my wine bottle border idea.

Complete the wicker weaving in the front gate

Making a functional gate for my garden square.

And (sigh) we will sow native grass seed again this year. (third time's the charm! says the eternal optimist)

My vision is to have a native prairie grassland with some cheerful wild flowers one day... enough that we won't have to mow or water much but it still looks charming and "Little House on the Prairie" -esque vs. the current state of "Deliverance".
Ooooeee! You got a purty mouth....


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the grass! Hope you had a nice Easter weekend.

Shanster said...

Thanks Dedene! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

Cheryl said...

Sounds nice! I thought it was still snowing over there.

My ideal garden would be something I don't have to water every day either, like a wild flower garden. Though I've always wanted a little bonzai garden, tiny paths, tiny redwoods and oak trees, and little fairy lights strung through them, like that storybook ride in Disneyland! I'd just sit there and stare in wonderment every chance I got. Or I'd walk around feeling mighty and powerful. But then I'd need to be a better gardener for something like that...oh well.