Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Laura Crum mystery series

Another blog I read is Equestrian Ink. It contains posts from various published authors who include horses in their writing. Through this blog, Laura Crum offered her latest book in an exchange for a review post.
I am all about free stuff!

I searched for, purchased and read the first 3 books in her mystery series. The main character, Gail McCarthy, is a horse vet who seems to wind up in the middle of big trouble regularly.
It's fun to read a book incorporating common horse issues, people and sports tho' I'm glad my horse vet doesn't have as much drama in her life!

It's a pretty cool series and I'm looking forward to finding the other 7 books and having a read. You can find the titles of her other books here. Perfect for summer!

The latest book, "Going, Gone", finds an older Gail McCarthy, more in tune with her family and living a slower paced life. The imagery of the trail rides she takes with her son are lovely and you almost feel as if you are right behind them.
Her family has experienced loss and the story touches on how to explain death and loss to a child.
Don't you worry, there is still mystery and intrigue for our heroine, Gail! She finds herself looking for a way to clear an old friend's name of murder while staying true to her family. See if the climatic chase scene doesn't have your heart beating a bit faster...
If you get a chance, check her series out. I'm hoping to get Furry Husband hooked. He likes mysteries but hasn't read a female author before. I think he'll enjoy the horse references mixed in with bloodshed and mystery....


Cheryl said...

I love mysteries! I've been looking for another good one so I'll check those out if I find them at the library. The last one I read was the BeeKeeper's Apprentice which I found really, really boring.

Happy Tuesday!

Shanster said...

I like 'em! Hmmm I hadn't heard of Beekeeper... but maybe that's why! Let me know what you think when you read them!

Laura Crum said...

Shanster--Thank you so much for the nice review. I'm glad you've enjoyed the books. I've enjoyed your insights about horses very much. Cheers--Laura