Thursday, April 22, 2010

I live to see another day....

I watched this show called "I Shouldn't Be Alive" and there was a story about a 17 yr old kid in CO who was bitten by a black widow that was in his freshly laundered sock. It must've been in his sock drawer?... and I guess mostly the bites aren't life threatening but he was the 1 in a million who was affected big time... ended up in the hospital and almost died.

This morning I'm getting dressed for work; it's cloudy, rainy and muddy so I want to wear comfy jeans... pull out a top... and then to dress it up a bit I pulled out this corderoy swing jacket I have... it's loose and baggy with 3/4 sleeves ... I put it on as I'm heading into the bathroom.

I felt some thread or something in the sleeve... I hadn't worn it in a long time and there could be a loose thread ... I get in the bathroom to do my hair and this BLACK WIDOW SPIDER drops out of my coat sleeve.

I started screaming like a friggin' tree monkey on full alert....oooooAAHHHH oooooAHHHHH oooooAHHHHHH

The spider is on the floor and I'm tearin' off my jacket faster than the speed of light. Toe comes over to investigate all the excitement, sees the spider and walks over to sniff it... I grabbed him lightening fast and threw him out of the bathroom by his loose skin...

Furry Husband was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper and sipping hot coffee... he looks up when he hears me screaming, sees Toe thrown out of the bathroom and comes to see what is up.

I am frozen, staring at the spider... I point it out. He killed it and flushed it.

He said he's never heard a sound like that come out of me! We were laughing... even tho' I was actually pretty freaked out.

We had black widows in the milk room last year. Remember I caught them for that nature/science center in town because the entomologist there wanted them?


Lemme tell you, it's one thing to see them from a distance... "oh, look - nature!" vs. when one is DROPPING OUT OF YOUR JACKET SLEEVE!!!


Cheryl said...

That sounds so terrifying! Did you make sure that thing hadn't left any friends or progeny behind?

I was bitten by a spider once and spent two deeply uncomfortable days in a delirious, itchy hell. Would have gladly stomped on that one but never did find it.

Heather said...

I wish I hadn't read that... creepy, creepy, skin crawling creepy!

Kelley said...

I am SO with you on that one. I can decide to catch a spider and put it outside- no problem... but if it's ON ME or surprises me in the shower when I'm naked... all bets are off- it's a DEAD SPIDER~!

Anonymous said...

I saw a Black Widow once in New Mexico. How awful that it was in your clothes. We have spiders here and people often say that if spiders are in the house, the house is healthy. But I doubt that goes for BWs!
Glad your weren't bitten.

Shanster said...
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Shanster said...
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Shanster said...

Wow I posted my comment twice, and ended up deleting it twice. What the heck?

Anyway - yeah to all of you, it was creepy and I had the skin crawlies all day! Spiders don't usually bug me (pun intented) when I'M in control and I usually have a couple roosting up in the rafters. I'm on a bit of an anti spider kick now however!!

DebH said...

EEEK! I don't think I even know what a black widow looks like for sure, but a spider from afar and one on your person is a whole different story! I don't think or I HOPE we don't have many in this part of the country. Now a rattlesnake, they are a dime a dozen and still after many close steps and calls..they still really get my attention! I think if I were you,,I would hire a pest killer to come fumigate. I would sure feel alot better!! I saw photos once of someone bitten...NOT PRETTY at all!! Glad to hear he was just hitchin a ride and not aggresive.