Friday, April 23, 2010

Closet clean out

Being so heebie jeebie'd about the spider yesterday, I took everything out of our closet last night, vacuumed, shook clothes (so the spiders, if any were lurking, would land on my feet! durr) moved furniture, vacuumed behind stuff, made sure there were no cobwebs in corners... NO MORE SPIDERS.

I talked to my friend Laurie last night. She says it's a good thing I wasn't bitten because our hospital is completely out of antivenin for black widows. She would know since she runs the pharmacy... she assured me there would be an emergency number to get some however, we were both glad that my lively hood didn't rest on her shoulders and I was not bitten!

Today when I got dressed I peered into each article of clothing, laid them on the floor, got on my hands and knees and pressed every inch of them so IF there was a black widow there, it was most certainly squished and squished good.

Toe thought this a really fun game. He rolled all around on my clothes and bit at them like they were new toys, his stump wagging a million miles a minute.

Dogs must think hoo-mans such an interesting and unpredictable species!

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Oh, good!

Maybe it's a good thing you discovered the spider the way you did. It might have crawled on you in your sleep instead! So, sheeuw!