Saturday, April 24, 2010

47.6 miles per hour

Is the our latest wind gust with a 26 degree wind chill. Bleah. At least the wind will dry up the mud from 2 days of constant rain but I'm stuck inside today cuz no one wants to be outside in this wind. Poor Furry Husband is playing in a disc golf tournament in town this weekend. He is suffering for his sport. I, however, will not be riding horses - no suffering here!

The goats are tucked into their houses, the horses are standing stoically in their lean to's. All dogs and cats are inside with me.... maybe I'll get some more of my never ending quilt project done today?

Furry Husband poured wine at Wine Fest last night, a fund raiser for Disabled Resource Benefits, an organization providing support and services for people with all sorts of disabilities in our area.

I went to the event with a couple friends to taste some wine and sample some food. I ran into Ted... a guy I knew back in college. He sort of got around back in the day and I always called him "Bed Sled Ted". I don't think we were ever each other's type and I always really liked him as a buddy. He was in a suit and his wife was with him... Feels a little surreal to have your crazy 27 yr old memories colliding with your almost 40 yr old self!

My friends and I had a lot of fun and I'm glad I was out and about socializing cuz I am mos' definitely house bound all by myself today!


Cheryl said...

Isn't it odd running into people you knew in a younger incarnation? I'm FB friends with people I went to grade school and high school with and it's weird reading so and so is out drinking a Mai Tai when I'm picturing this scrawny eleven year kid.

Susan said...

Send some of that wet weather our way. We could use it. One of my does kidded a week ago. The other one isn't quite ready. "Bed Sled Ted," love it!

Dedene said...

I guess one of the best ways to spend a stormy spring day is to drink wine.

Shanster said...

Cheryl - it IS really weird!!

Susan - I told it to head your way... I can't be sure it listened!

Dedene - mmmm - wine!