Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goat Love

I was going through some goat pix on our computer because our first retail account for Star's Hollow Farm goat milk lotion wanted to print pictures in their e-newsletter.

We have plenty of pictures with ooey, gooey, placenta and afterbirth covered screaming kids fresh from the oven and me in old clothes that don't matter if they are smeared with blood, mucous and goo. The old clothes however make me look a little like a crack whore who crawled out from under a bridge....

Somehow I don't think that is the look or feel they are trying to convey in their online marketing.

These pictures are maybe a little more on target?

Our first doe, Sonata...
Old Christmas picture... uck... who wants to see snow? We're are done with that! It's spring. I spit on the snow - patooey!Spot and Chocolat in repose... Spot is still unable to climb spools or quonest huts... I know she's planning just like Wil E. Coyote. The UPS guy keeps delivering ACME boxes to her and just like Wil E. Coyote, she's discovering that company has serious quality issues

Awww Chocolate is sleeping... shhhhh....

Savannah, Sonata's daughter. ALL goats like to get IN their feeders.
Except Spot.
But that's only cuz she can't figure out exactly HOW to get in there.
Oh, she WANTS in there... she wants in there bad.

Poor Spot - doomed to walk the earth terrestrially... there's nothing physically wrong with Spot... she just can't seem to figure out how to climb like... er ... um... well ... like a goat.

Are you SURE goats are not descended from T-Rex?


Heather said...

So springy and cute! I love the T-Rex picture! Perhaps you should be glad that spot hasn't figured out how to get IN yet, I'm sure she would have just as much trouble getting out... and that would be a much bigger annoyance for you! Some calves are like that... they get stuck in the feeders and cry like crazy until someone rescues them. Or so I've heard... Not like I would know personally- my husband won't let me live on a farm...yet :)

~Tonia said...

Beautiful Goats.. I have a Bunch of pics like the first one you described!!lol They are not for public eyes!LOl

Susan said...

Goats, you gotta love them. I don't know how I lived so long without those wily caprines. I imagine you've heard of Haystack Mountain Cheese in Longmont, CO. My boss orders cheese from them. Good stuff.

Cheryl said...

That's so funny! And really nice pictures, Savannah is so cute! So cuddly looking. And poor Spot. I hope she figures out the climbing thing. Those spools and quonest huts look like lots of fun. Wish I had one as a kid (ba, da, bum!)