Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What do they SEE???

The past 4 days our cats have been mesmerized by something in the bathroom.

We walk past and there is a cat staring intently in the corner... they look up as we walk by and run away.

Sometimes it's one cat, sometimes it's as many as 3 cats. Not always the same cat or cat combo.

Our floor is tile... the corner they stare at is where the electric baseboard heat thingy ends. I vacuumed all up in there with the hose attachment.

It's metal and tile.... there are no spiders or webs or anything interesting I can see.

Furry Husband took the front off of the heater... nothing.... no evidence of other life forms.

Behind the bathroom is our bedroom closet and the cats are always in the closet snoozing away... we don't catch them STARING at anything in the closet - just in the bathroom.


None of the dogs have alerted to anything in the bathroom and Toe is really intent about chasing and/or catching any little, furry, quick-moving things like mice.


Mebbe it's their master plan for world domination... to slowly drive their hoo-mans insane and take over....


DebH said...

what a funny image. I betcha they spotted a furry critter peeking waiting to take a run for it. Cats are just plain smart like that...if they saw it happen once..they know it'll be back. Patience is their virtue!!

Shanster said...

Or, the other popular theory is that they are communing with their mother ship... grin.

Funder said...

I bet they hear some kind of electrical buzzing noise from the heater!