Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday strikes again!

And here I was all "oh, yoga keeps my back from going out..."

I woke up this morning, got out of bed and went uh-oh... feels like my back is out... I did some stretches on the floor and was in mild discomfort. Furry Husband said I was definately looking crooked.


Figured I could soldier on through my day - met my awesome girlfriend from Colorado Springs for some lunch - drove home to hook up the trailer for my ride with Rex. I got out of the truck and....

I sneezed.

Huge shoots of pain from a sneeze.

Allrighty then.

Can't see me hooking up the trailer, getting a horse trailered over and much less riding said horse. Sigh.

I called and cancelled... felt like the biggest wuss... ended up stayin in, taking ibuprophen and watching the Dog Whisperer...

I called the chiro early thinking I could get in and go on with my day as planned but they were closed for President's Day... I'll get in tomorrow and be good as new.

Hey at least I got to see Hez today! AND she gave me coma-inducing cinnamon rolls....


is it bad to get that much drool all over the computer key board?

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Cheryl said...

Oh no! My back gets really crampy and sore if I don't stretch it daily. Oh, the joys of getting older.

Drooling over cinnamon roles is mandatory. Hope they were as big as cinnabons! Mmmmm