Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good Day

Today was 50's, sunny and NO WIND. Oy. The wind last weekend throughout the week about killed me... 30-40+ mph. Talk about exfoliation.

Today was lovely.

I rode my big ol' red-headed mule, Sera Sue this morning in the sunshine and loved every minute of it. And I went trackin' with our little dog, Toe.

J is helping me to reach the TDX or Tracking Dog Excellent level. The tracks are aged longer and obstacles are introduced... things like culverts, large logs, heavy brush or shrubs, dirt roads....

We took him out after the track aged for 2.5 hrs... and he just went right along.... he found all the obstacles J dropped, tracked over a dirt road twice and found his final article, a leather glove, at the end. SUCH a good dog!

While on the track, I found a 4 or 5 point deer antler.... so cool! I've never found anything like that before. J picked it up for me because heaven forbid, I stop following my dog who is hot on the track and mess him up... grin.

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DebH said...

sounds like the weather might be turning!! I am so anxious for green grass sprouting and sunshine...I even started some tomato seeds to get into the garden mode. Sounds like Toe is having a are you. Perfect way to get outdoors, riding and tracking. I found an antler once and thought it was about the coolest. Funny a person doesn't find lots more of them with all the deer we see!