Thursday, February 24, 2011

RR Ties plus 10 yrs....

About 10 yrs ago, I asked my Mom for a load of RR ties for my birthday... weird request right?

I used them to outline a small dressage arena and then we had our neighbor, Jack, (who has all the farm implements - dump trucks - tractors etc. one man could want) to put about 3" of sand into the "arena".

I dragged and hauled and moved those RR ties from the pile to my measured 20x60 meter area.

Have you ever tried to move a RR tie?

One word.


OK 4 words - REALLY heavy and awkward.

Oh man, those suckers were heavy - but I drug them all around and put them 2 high around this area.

This past weekend when I rode Sera, one of the RR ties had been knocked off by one of the horses jumping over it or some such thing when they were loose in the front pasture where the arena is.

I walked over to put it back up.



Allrighty then.

10 years makes a big difference evidently cuz I had a helluva time moving that tie and all I had to do was flip it back on top of the one it fell off of. I eventually got it up there but I was surprised at my struggling attempts....


So I guess this means I really am getting older? I can't just be 28 in my mind all the time? My body is really and truly aging???


That blows.


Heather said...

I bet the RR ties got heavier with age. You know, soaking up water and such...

DebH said...

and does it ever blow! Just when I think I can lift/tote/haul and walk like I used to, reality hits and I go jump on the skidsteer. I wreck more things cuzz of it, but I am pretty darn good at lifting just about anything with the bucket and placing it where I need. As I age, I am realizing just how important tools are. I don't travel anywhere without snips and pliers and wirecutters in a pocket. 20 years ago, I most likely would of used my teeth to snap wonder I have worn out some parts!

Kelley said...

Maybe RR ties get heavier as they age??? I'm still 28 in my mind as well- so That's My Story and I'm sticking to it!

Shanster said...

Heather - you are too kind!

DebH - I hear you!

Kelley - awww, another kind soul! grin.

Anonymous said...

Ug, I sooooo know how you feel....and it wasn't all that bad until my husband who just turned 45 this month said "I may have just lived the greater part of my life and now I'm on the downhill run."

The whole time in my mind I'm thinking "what the heck!!! I'm still 25, aren't I???? And like I wasn't depressed before!!!" I turn 45 this April, sigh, sometimes people should just keep their thoughts to themselves....

Cheers! Lynn

Cheryl said...

Where can you even get RR ties?!!!

Body aging really does blow. And already being tiny, I'm not looking forward to old age shrinkage either. I'm going to fight it every step of the way.

Shanster said...

mommyrides - I'm with you!! I like to live in my little happy world without the reality of age.

Cheryl - you and me both sistah!