Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hot yoga....

I took a hot yoga class at the gym the other day. Never took a hot yoga class before.

My first impression?

Ewww. Gross.

The room is heated to 100 and at first I was hanging in there.... about half-way through I was checking my watch, thinking to myself "When is this going to end?" "Good gravy it's hot in here" "I can't breathe" "How is it possible for the tops of my feet to be this sweaty?" "The guy next to me is beginning to stink" "Ugh, I think I might puke" "I can't breathe" "It's so HOT" "My shins have rivulets of sweat dripping down them..."

All those thoughts took away any of the peaceful namaste I usually enjoy ... it's like when you have to pee really really bad in an office meeting... pretty soon you have no idea what people are talking about because all you can think about is how full your poor little bladder is.

I felt refreshed AFTER the class, once I was in normal room temperatures again. Tho' I think it was pure relief it was over vs. a benefit from the hot yoga.

My gym charges extra for unlimited yoga and I signed up for the trial of $20 for 20 days of yoga. While I was waiting to pay, with my sopping wet hair and completely and totally soaking sweat drenched clothes, the instructor appeared. I asked him about the benefit behind the heat.

He told me increased circulation, deeper muscle stretch and that it simulates practicing in India. I asked about sweating out toxins... he wrinkled up his face and said, "sort of" in a way that I knew was not truly a benefit.

I like regular yoga - it really does keep my back from going out and it improves my mental attitude. I sweat enough in a "normal" class.

Don't think the Shanster's gonna be making another appearance in the hot room. Shanster not liking the hot yoga.

Thank goodness I tried it AFTER work hours and not over lunch. There woulda been no way to salvage that mess to sit at a desk the rest of the afternoon with other humans.


I'm going to the noon time Anusara yoga class today in a 72 degree room and tomorrow I'll try the Prana Flow in an 89 degree room.

Yoga, yoga, yoga.


Heather said...

Yay! Bikram Hot Yoga is my choice of exercise! I've been doing it for years and fully believe it has helped with a TON of my back issues. For me, the heat is about helping get you loosened up enough that you can stretch to your max. Also, its a good way to knock you down a few pegs. Nothing like getting hit by the yoga bus to humble you! Last summer, before getting pregnant, I did my studio's 30 day challenge and was amazed that from doing that class daily and no other exercise, I got a six pack. Seriously. THAT is motivation!!!

Shanster said...

I agree - I really do LOVE yoga and it's benefits. As long as I'm doing yoga, my back stays strong but.. this yoga lover isn't totally sold on the Bikram heat. grin.

Awesome for you and that 6-pack! Love it!

Funder said...

I love yoga, but I will never try hot yoga!

I got heatstroke when I was a teenager and I've never been "right" since. I cannot take the heat. I can move around slowly for a while, but I can't take stifling hot or vigorous exercise + hot. Hot yoga would push me over the edge into another heatstroke. :(

Shanster said...
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Anonymous said...

Did you really go third person on us, Shanster?

~Tonia said...

I think I would be for the regular Yoga myself that a lot of sweating!... ICK!Lol

Laura Crum said...

Shanster--Your blog posts always make me smile. How brave of you to try the hot yoga--any kind of yoga is a challenge for me.

Shanster said...

Funder - well, I'm with you!

Anon - (which is Furry Husband) yes. Yes, I did.

Tonia - yeah, I don't mind some sweat but... dunno about bucket loads of it!

Laura - I found yoga years ago when I was super unhappy at a job - it really put me in a better emotional place and the added side bene turned out to be that my back didn't go out anymore. I fell off the yoga truck but I'm trying to get back on it... I'm a lot less flexible than I was several years ago. How's that happen??? grin.

DebH said...

You are always trying something new and I am not surprised! You taste and test and at least have the nerve to check it out! You make a girl proud!! I would love to try yoga, but Not HOT yoga. Ever since my chemo about 8 years ago, its been non stop rolling heat waves of Hot Flashes. I would see my self running sceeching and knocking people over trying to get out of that room. I never was one for a Sauna and if I knew I was walking into a hot room....I would most likely have a panic attack! I am especially good at Hot Flashes and can practically conjure up one just so I can elevate the temp in a cold room. Only thing their good for!! But at least you gave it a go!!