Friday, February 18, 2011

Scoop the Poop.

Has anyone seen the movie Forget Paris with Billy Crystal?

Remember the scene where his wife's old, ailing father comes to live with them and as they drive along, the old man speaks out loud every single sign they pass? "Burger King." "Neighborhood Cleaners." "York Street." "Macy's." "Olive Garden." "Smith Avenue."

It goes on and on.

Well, the odd thing is, as my Dad aged, if I drove him somewhere he'd do the same thing, which always made me laugh to myself on the inside.

Today, I was at a red light and I just happened to look in my rear view mirror at the exact time an old man with white hair and thick glasses waiting behind me in his minivan, staring at my bumper, read the only bumper sticker I have with words .... I could CLEARLY see his mouth say "Scoop the poop".

Look in the mirror and say it - very obvious lip reading. Because, trust me, I'm not at all skilled in lip reading. People trying to mouth something to me usually give up with a frustrated shake of their head and roll of their eyes because I'm so bad at it.

I laughed outright at that little old man reading my bumper sticker out loud, all alone in his minivan.

**And yeah... I whole-heartedly believe all dog owners aughta scoop the poop when they take their dogs to any public venue or on walks in neighborhoods. Who wants to be walking along on a gorgeous sunny day and see or worse yet - step in - a big ol' pile o' shit? Disgusting.

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Kelley said...

My friend Z saw the movie and freaked out because she was in her 20's and did that. Thought maybe it was the fist step in the slippery slope of aging.... I just thought it was funny!: )

I'm with you on Scoop the Poop... and now I want a sticker and to catch someone reading it!!!