Saturday, February 5, 2011

Prancing around?

Thanks so much for all the well wishes on the new job! Think it's going to be a good place... busy and the people seem nice.

A new co-worker is a younger fella. He and his wife bought a 25 yr. old draft cross that his wife learned how to ride on. They moved from the East Coast and brought "Joe" with them. And I really think that is fabulous - an oldster that found a home. Anyway, this fella is learning how to ride and told me he doesn't know very much about horses. When I told him my focus was on Dressage he asked, "What is that anyway? Isn't that just prancing around? I like to talk to my horse!"


Yes. That is what we do, Sera and I, prance around and I never, ever speak to her, encourage her, skritch her or have any sort of affection for her. (roll eyes)

I didn't take too much offense because he doesn't know .... think I said some generic thing about how any horse can do Dressage, it encourages good movement in any horse and it's definitely very much a team effort between horse and rider.

I told Furry Husband and it's become a phrase we use now.

When I head out to do chores he asks me if I'm going out to prance around. When he goes to get the paper I tell him to be sure he prances around out there....

So I want you all to go forth and do your best to prance around in whatever you choose to do this weekend!

I'm headed to see the tax man today .... wonder if HE does any fancy prancing around?


~Tonia said...

Rofl!! thats hilarious!! I dont knwo much but I do know that you all dont just Prance around!!

DebH said...

now thats funny! Silly young thing anyway, but at least they are loving on a horse. That'll make them better grownups for sure.
If he ever sees your blog, he'll be quite educated! But not sure letting coworkers in on personal life is always the best. Ya gotta spend too many hours aday with to keep em guessing!

Funder said...

I tell people it's horse yoga. Anyone who has actually -tried- any of those deceptively easy-looking yoga poses immediately gets it. :)