Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Falling down on the job...

Geez. Westminster Dog Show was Monday and Tuesday night on USA channel and I didn't even give you guys a heads up!

I asked people at work if they were going to watch it. (Funny looks anyone?)

The Scottish Deerhound won Westminster if you couldn't live without knowing. grin. The black American Cocker Spaniel who won the Sporting Group is co-owned by a lady I've met at tracking events....sort of small world.

The announcer pointed out when the dogs showing lived with their owners and worked doing what they were bred to do herding cattle or sheep etc., and if the dogs were working as therapy dogs in their communities. Pretty cool.

*Random* - the Food Network had a cake challenge on last night. The chefs were creating life-size dog breeds featured at Westminster out of cake. Of course I watched it... the Standard Poodle won and they made the fur out of cotton candy.

Peoples are so creative!

Now, everyone go give your dogs a big ol' sloppy kiss....cuz while they weren't at Westminster, they are well loved and part of your lives and that is what it's all about!


DebH said...

I did catch a bit of it...and boy oh boy..I always think of "Best in Show" (the movie). If you haven't seen it, well its a MUST!! Hysterical!! Not sure if it has that much to do really about dogs or the show...but more about crazie people..what a HOOT!

Shanster said...

Yes, I LOVE that movie - absolutely classic!