Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm still here....

Just hibernating...

It's cold and dark and hmph.

I went to an interesting clinic last week... it was a sit and listen vs. riding... given by two judges who discussed the new dressage tests. (they change tests every 4 years)

I took notes and will post them when I can find them.... mostly the big focus is on harmony and the reoccurring message was that a foible or mistake is really not the end of the world as long as the big picture and the whole test flows well and is pleasing to watch.

They are also reducing Training to Third level to three tests vs. four which was interesting to me tho' I don't know why. grin. Well one less test to memorize anyway. And judges really don't care if you have a caller or not, doesn't affect your score one iota.

I'd always memorized mine because I think it looks better.... but maybe if I'm not stressing over possibly forgetting my test, I'd have a nicer ride? Dunno. Will have to think about it.

Stay warm and cozy wherever you are!


~Tonia said...

Same here...Cold dark and hmph!lol Livin' for Saturday and the projected 50* temps!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so it was YEARS and YEARS ago when I did dressage, but I thought you were required to memorize the tests. That's great that you can have a caller! Wish I coulda had one. - Hez