Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Had some negative juju dumped the other night. Sometimes I'm able to let it roll like water off a duck's back and I don't give it a second thought.

Other times?

Not so much. Sometimes I have a hard time letting it go and I feel the negative juju sucking at the bottom of my heels trying to drag me to the dark side.

Those times I try to think about things that make me happy....

1. Furry Husband - love, security, acceptance, strength

2. Baby Toe, Bequia, Sammy - our dogs - wagging tails, happiness, undying devotion, wet noses and doggie smiles

3. Sera Sue, Rosso, Brandon - our horses - snorffly warm horse breaths, big kind eyes *blink blink* , long whiskers on soft muzzles

4. Itty Bitty, Split Pea, Punkin, Mojo, Buzzer, Pudgy - our cats - warmth, purring, lithe, softness and grace

5. Blue skies and sunshine

6. Froggies in my pond and their spring songs

7. Blooming flowers, emerging plants, growth, earth, cycles of nature - spring, summer, fall, winter ... as with all things....

8. Polka dots

9. Short hair cut with no frizz and fast stylin on my head

10. Goaties

11. Dairy products

12. Happy music - GoGo's, Squirrel Nut Zippers, The Feelies, Housemartins, B52s, DaDa.... any thing snappy, jumpy and toe tappin' with no heavy message or emotional baggage.

13. Crisp autumn mornings and fall leaves

14. Fresh snow and discovering the highway of tracks all around us from the wild things we never see...

15. Gut busting laughter with tears running down your face...

16. Ice cold beer on a hot day after working your butt off

Ahhhhhh, I'm feeling so much happier already. What makes you happy? I wanna know! Spread the wealth!


mommyrides said...

Great blog Shanster!!! Sometimes we need to focus more on the positive and just ignore all that negative crap for a while!!

My happy list is:

1. watching my kiddos play and learn and grow and amaze me with their unique personalities.

2. my horsies, Diego, Lady, Merry Legs and Glory Bell, with all their different personalities and ways of saying I love you too.

3. looking out my front windows and seeing my own horses on my own property every morning, even in the dead of winter with icicles hanging off their nose whiskers and my hair :D

4. working in my journal, taking the time to be creative and letting it take me to another place through photographs, sketches, stories or quick notes.

5. a good cup of coffee and an even better book that takes me somewhere else for a while in my busy life.

6. my doggies Gracie and Crosby, their undying love and continuous affections, and willingness to share their bellies with me for a good scritch!!!

7. my new part-time job, taking orders for bull semen, working with great people and always having a conversation starter by saying "I take calls for semen" :D

8. chocolate, now that goes without saying.....

9. my God who takes care of me even when I'm too busy too

10. living in a land of freedom and never taking for granted that so many people have chosen to give their life for that freedom.

Thanks again for letting me share what makes me happy!!


~Tonia said...

Ooo I hate those negatives!!
But what makes me happy is My hubby who puts up with my hair-brained ideas and even agrees with them occasionally!
My girls who arent perfect but they are good and have just enough ornery to keep them from being boring!
My goaties! My chickens, My dogs and all the other critters that call this place on the hill home..
Freedom to live how I want! Despite what people try to force on me.
Independance that I have to stand up to people who try to run things for me.
When my flowers and veggies grow beyond my wildest imagination!lol
Drinking a big ole glass of sweet tea while sitting on the front porch in the swing with a book and listening to family and animals going about there days.
Good things...

Shanster said...

Nice! Such beautiful things to be happy about... thankyou for telling me and giving me more cause for smiling!

Cheryl said...

Love your list! Here's mine:

1. Oreo's and milk.
2. A full bowl of ice cream, any kind.
3. Long, laughter filled conversations.
4. Settling in for the evening with a book I can't put down.
5. Playing with my nieces.
6. Long walks with or without company.
7. A day inside while it's raining outside.
8. A large hot chocolate with whipped cream or marshmallows.
9. Looking forward to anything.
10. Playing kids games like kickball or dodgeball with a bunch of goofy adults.
11. Finding a good pair of shoes or the right shade of makeup.

Shanster said...

Cheryl - love your list and it made me happy to read it! Thanks for sharing!