Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wail...Sob... Gnashing of Teeth....

I'm going to San Antonio TX next week for a conference. Who goes to TEXAS in AUGUST?? The sadistic sickos I work with, that's who! I'm guessing temps will be "melt the soles off your shoes" sort of temps?

I'm having a full blown temper tantrum complete with wailing and kicking and throwing things on the inside.

My only salvation will be that the Twin Sisters Bakery and Cafe is .6 miles from the hotel. It is a bright shining star in Texas full of the most delicious fresh made breads, incredible soups and sammiches you could ever put in your mouf.

Oh, to think of it makes my mouf water, slobber and drool.

I told my co-workers I'm eating there every single day for lunch. I heard, "No you won't, everyone eats on the Riverwalk just outside, .6 miles is too far" or "no one will go with you because of the heat" or "you'll never make it there and back in time and you can't be late"

I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. Fingers in my ears - eyes squinched shut - shouting LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA

I'll call the cafe on break and order my lunch. I'll put on my sneakers and race walk to the cafe, sashay, jauntay. I will sit in the back of the conference savoring the fabulous lunch I bring back if need be.

I WILL go to Twin Sisters Bakery and Cafe. Every. Single. Day.

Good thing they are only open for breakfast and lunch. Otherwise my co-workers might begin to wonder about me. What?! You think they already worry about me? Oh - go on. I'd eat there for breakfast but they don't open in time.

I have the MapQuested route to Twin Sisters from my hotel next to my plane tix, I printed thier menu so I can study it and be most efficient with my orders and I have their phone number locked and loaded into my cell.

I think I'm ready.

When I arrive, they'll be closed but I'm gonna make a dry run anyway. I wanna make sure I have the route down pat. I hope I don't leave too much of a sweaty, full-on, face imprinted smudge on their front window and I don't think I'll start licking the glass.... but I really can't be held responsible.

Yes, the place is THAT good.

Sidenote: I'm so show-ignorant, the show in Estes this weekend? It's a CDI... an internationally recognized show... international judges and competitors. I think they will all be in a separate, magic, sparkling arena with spotlights and angels trumpeting from the heavens. Luckily, I'll be in the plain, ol, regular, dirt arena with the other local yo-cals far off the radar of the international FEI judges and competitors.

Do you think they take points off your test if you stop your horse, vomit over the side and continue on?


Anonymous said...

Hey Shanster: They only take points off, if you happen to vomit on the judges, that's just not cool. However if you vomit and continue on to do all the elements of the test then you only receive a minor deduction for having added an unnecessary element to the test, or if by vomiting you suddenly forget what you were doing and start to make up a test of your own. I was a scribe I know these things. :D :D :D

Susan said...

Have fun in Houston, glad it's you and not me, even if the food is good.

Anonymous said...

OMG I love you and miss you. I would so do the bakery thing too. That's what we did in Albuquerque for a cupcake bakery when we went for a dog show. :o) Good luck at the show this weekend. I really want to come watch sometime, hopefully next summer! Love you! - Heather

Shanster said...

mommyrides - oh good! I'd have to spew pretty far to get anything on the judges! grin.

Susan - I DON'T want to go to TX at all... I can't get out of it, I HAVE to go and since I HAVE to be there, that bakery is the ONLY thing that will keep my sanity. I'm hanging by a thread here....

Heather! I love and MISS you too!!! When all the travel is ov-ah, I MUST come to see you... it's a date k?

Cheryl said...

Gosh, almost wish I could go there just to try that place! But if I ever went to Texas it would hopefully be to see the Kimbell.

And in a place that hot you know the ice cream has got to be good!!! I would have ice cream for dinner every day there.

Have fun in Texas! Take a taxi to or from the bakery if you can. That's quite a trek in the midday heat...