Monday, August 16, 2010

What came out of the neighbor's ass....

Do you remember when I went to Longhope's Donkey Rescue with a neighbor a while back? She ended up adopting two donkeys....

The rescue was sure to emphasize that donkeys are hardy and do NOT need anything more than grass hay. They are animals that thrive in poor areas with not much lush food. Grain and rich alfalfa hay would cause obesity and many more issues than it's worth.

Our neighbors have a good pasture, you might say - a lush pasture. The donkeys are getting FAT with a capital F. Fat, fat, water rat, fat.

And then our phone rang Sunday morning at 6AM. Never good to have your phone ring very early or very late. We shot each other worried looks as we stumbled outta bed to the phone.

It was the neighbor with the donkeys. One of the donkeys was braying, braying, braying..... she went to see what the trouble was.

Lo and behold.
There was a completely unexpected, total surprise, what in the....? little wet pile of brand new baby donkey!

Could that baby be any cuter?


DebH said...

nothing cuter....looks like you should have one of those adorable creatures yourself! I can just imagine all the fun you could have with the stories he/she would give you!! I understand donkeys have a mind totally their own and quite the personality to go with!? Darn...are those babies cute cute cute!!

Kelley said...

That baby COULD NOT Be any Cuter!!!!!!!!!!! : )

Anonymous said...

Wow what a title for you blog!!! :D Sure got my attention hee hee!!!

I really don't think there are many babies that are cuter than donkey babies, unless it's a miniature donkey baby.

~Tonia said...

OMGOODNESS!! Look at those ears!! How cute is that?? So is the other Donkey just fat?

Shanster said...

DebH - I sure came close when we went to the donkey rescue. Those things are adorable!

Kelley - I know!

mommyrides - I don't think I could stand to see a baby miniature donkey. I would implode from the cuteness.

Tonia - we sure HOPE so! grin.