Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday Nights

I picked up Tuesday night stall cleaning at Rex's.

The Monday and Tuesday barn cleaner quit and I was happy she did. She didn't show up 50% of the time and she didn't like to clean out the pee spots so the ammonia smell and squishy shavings and puddles of pee would grow and grow until the Wednesday barn cleaner arrived.

I know it wasn't really any skin off my nose that the M-T gal didn't do her job well or didn't show up. It really bothered me tho' because Rex's barn is my home away from home and she is so generous to let me come up to use her indoor any time... it is a place where all of her regular students share our joys and sorrows about our horses and lives. We are all in it together up on the hill at her barn, and to see someone not caring about it and not keeping it clean... sorta chapped my hide.

My wonderful friend Ann (who gave me all those great perennials to transplant from her garden) took over Mondays and I took over Tuesdays. I hate to say it but I'm not sure my back could handle 2 regular stall days in the long run. Both Ann and I are pleased as punch to split the duty and it helps us pay for our riding lessons with Rex.

Barter is a beautiful thing.

Speaking of, a friend of Furry Husband's moved back to CO after spending years in Napa/Sonoma learning to make fabulous wine. He's trading us wine for goat milk to make cheese. We can't sell our milk for human consumption here in CO unless we are a grade A dairy, but heck, I think tradin' milk for some homemade hooch is A-OK.

The soft rind cheese I tried to make didn't set. grumble grumble. I had to dump it. I'll try, try again and keep you posted.


Dedene said...

Good for you for taking over the cleaning duties. I'm always shocked when people have so little pride in their work, especially when it involves care of animals or people.

Furry's friend sounds like a great guy to have around! Good luck with your cheese.

Cheryl said...

Ooo, wine for cheese--very nice!

And I agree with Dedene, maybe the former M-W girl did you a favor.

And I'm amazed you can even make cheese! I bet it'll turn out next time.

Shanster said...

Dedene - yup - it'll be good for me! Thanks - here's to the next batch!

Cheryl - I know, I feel like we are getting the better end of the deal but Furry's friend is awfully excited about the milk so maybe he feels the same?