Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yes, we have no bananas....

I signed up for a 3 pix pkg at the show from the photographer. Others had 20 - 30 pix to choose from, I had 8. ?? What the hell?

There weren't that many I liked and only a few to choose from. Some were blurry, one I had my eyes closed, another one Sera was funky. The pix that turned out were the same - trotting across the diagonal. shrug. I'm behind the vertical probably because it was the medium and I'm still working on sitting it well. Nothing is ever perfect... we try.

I downloaded the pix from our camera I gave to a friend at the show and there was 1 pix of me that turned out. The others were too blurry. Zoom function + action = sucky pix.

I hope the video turned out. We are headed up to Rex's Sunday night to view, critique and go over our tests as the video plays.
Next and final show of the year is Estes Park Aug 21-22. There will be more entries, more money, nicer horses. We will probably not do as well, tho' it ain't over til it's over! Hope springs eternal!
It will be our 2nd show at Second Level and it's the last show of the season before Championships. Most others have been showing since May. We had to get over Sera's 8 week layup and we didn't show at all last year, you will never do as well at a show as you do at home... nerves and test memorizing and all that rigamarole.
We are doing great for all of that, Sera is wonderful and I love her. Still ... always, always, always room for improvement.
I hope to get some good info from our Sunday night video session!


Heather said...

She looks great! Way to go! What a bummer about the pictures... Maybe next time!

Anonymous said...

I took a photography class once Shanster and the teacher said that if you get one good picture out of 30 you are doing good!!! So I guess ya did okay.

Sera is quite beautiful and you both look so dashing in your formal riding clothes. I hope you can get the video loaded so we can "ride the test" with you. Congratulations on a successful day. Did Sera get a lot of good girl carrots??? :D

Cheryl said...

Very nice pictures! Sera's a beautiful horse. Hope you two do well at the Estes Park show!!!

Susan said...

I like them.

Shanster said...

Heather - think it's harder inside to get good pix and I still can't figure out how to get action shots on my camera!

mommyrides - Oh, I'm just greedy! I saw other rider numbers with 30 pix to look and choose from and I had 8.

I know, I know - cry me a river! grin.

Sera will not eat carrots or apples or mints... it's only horse cookies for her. I keep trying to get her to eat new things but she keeps turning up her nose or spitting them out. She DID get lots of praise and cookies tho'!

Cheryl - thanks! Me too!

Susan - Thanks! I liked these pix too... wish there was some variance vs. the same thing. It's all good tho'. :)