Friday, August 6, 2010

Goats is helpful....

I have today off from work to give Sera a beauty treatment package and to head up to Cheyenne to ride in the indoor.... gotta see if I can sit medium trot across a diagonal in the BIG arena!

Seat don't fail me now!

Before I go, I wanted to knock some stuff out around here. Cleaning horse and goat pens... being the poop diva if you will.

While I was cleaning my mind wandered and I thought about how helpful goats are. As in:

"Oh, you wanted to scoop this pile? Would it help you if I stood right in the middle of the pile? I know the pen is big but I think it's really much more helpful if I stand in the pile so you can see where it is."

"Did you want to get the cart full of hay/straw and poop OUT of the pen? Why, let me help you with the gate and while I'm at it, I'll just come with you out the gate."

"Your cart is so nice and full of straw, hay and poop. I think it would really help you out if I jumped INTO the cart to tamp it down some for you. Here, why don't I just rest a spell, lay down and chew my cud to help it all settle and smoosh down."

"I think that cart is a little TOO full. If I put my front feet on the end of the cart I can knock 1/2 of the load out for you. See how helpful I am?"

Yes. Helpful, helpful little goaties. Happy Friday everyone!


DebH said...

hey..what a good way to burn some energy. I can relate on those helpful goaties! Mine like to give you those surprise hugs..right in the middle of your back with front feet....while checking your pockets and weaving between your legs checking out your coordination. They sure are helpful aren't they?!
Pretty excited thinking about your trip to Cheyenne, gosh I wish I could see it live!!

mommyrides said...

My Diego is like that too. He always wants to be in on the action and offer his help!! I was taking pictures of the pony one day and was on my knees when I feel this puff of air right behind my ear!!! It was Diego checking to see if I was set up for a good photo op or not!!! What a nut!!!

Susan said...

Been there, done that, with the goats helping. They're so good at it. Check out my last post and let me know if you've ever heard of immaculate lactation.

kel said...

heeeheeee... I've missed visiting your blog!!!

~Tonia said...

LOL!! I can so see the goats doing this.. Our goats always dump it because Obviously its To Full!
When we are working in the pen my dear hubby gets a little to much help.. Like a full massage up the back of his legs from the herd queen who thinks the sun rises and sets on him when he is out there!Lol

Shanster said...

DebH - awwww - such helpful friends you have! Thanks for the well wishes!!

mommyrides - the puff of air - I can practically feel that!

Susan - be there in a minute - we DID have that happen once and it was wierd!

Kel - I've tried to visit you but there was some sort of gobbledygook for letters/words?

Tonia - oh, she loves him, how sweet is that? grin.

Cheryl said...

Heehee! Sounds like trying to clean up with a couple of little (human) kids around. May take longer but does make things way more interesting.

Shanster said...

Cheryl - Way more interesting! And when you look back at it, much more fun.... :)