Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pink Gorillas and pee spots

My friend in Fairbanks AK turned the big 4-O yesterday.

I had a pink gorilla deliver a balloon bouquet to her at work. I was going to go with a balloon bouquet only. And then the girl on the phone told me about the pink gorilla option.

"Oh, she'd kill me!"

"How can she kill you? You are in CO and she is here in AK?"

Alrighty then.

One pink gorilla comin' right up!

My friend called me later and told me she can say she's never had that happen at work before...

I told her well, you only turn 40 once.
(Altho' I suppose we only turn 19 once, 23 once, 7 once, 38 once and so on but just go with me here...)

I cleaned the barn last night up at Rex's. It was hot and muggy - hot is one thing but muggy is not generally experienced in CO. The flies were out and biting, my stomach was not in a happy spot and I felt like I was moving through water because of the humidity.

The hot combined with muggy, causes the pee spots in the horse stalls to hit me upside the head with an ammonia smell. I tell you, it just about did me in. I used lots and lots o' lime to take away the smell and dry up the pee spots before spreading clean shavings. I was never so happy to be DONE cleaning stalls and washing away the smells of lime, pee and manure with a shower at home.

I'm still studying my tests for the horse show this weekend, taking Friday off to go ride in the big arena in Cheyenne before the show and to "beautify" my little red-headed Sera Sue. I'll take pix and hope to get video of our rides... will post my test results too if you are interested.

Oh - and I have 3 gallons of milk in the fridge begging me to make a St. Maure soft rind cheese. My first! I'm excited ... it's all about the little things. I hope to get it started tomorrow night.

Norman, the German Shepherd Dog I posted about earlier came through his surgery o.k. yesterday. They removed some vertebrae from his neck to relieve the compression. He'll have a 3 month rehab but prognosis is generally very positive. Keep sending him your good thoughts please! He needs them!

Happy hump-day!


DebH said...

and I am very interested in that new cheese your trying??!! I want some detail there too.
I am going to be thinking about you this weekend and sending my strongest vibes on getting TOP Results! It really sounds exciting and just competing is quite an accomplishment in my book, now matter how it turns out. Good for you! Wow on the German Shepherd...amazing what they can do nowdays. Now back to that milk in the fridge...I totally get that feeling. I love the cheeses more and more. Ain't that the truth on the little things!?

mommyrides said...

Hey Shanster: Be glad you rarely get humidity!!! I moved from AZ to southwestern Ontario and the humidity is killing me!!! I sweat all the time and the flies buzzing around my head are worse than normal because of the moisture. UG!!!! My horses sweat just wandering around their pastures eating!!!! Gross!!!

Good luck on your dressage test, having never ridden past first level, I've no idea what your facing but would love to see the results!!! May your red-headed Sera Sue be on her best!!!

Give Norman a hug for me when you see him next. Poor doggies don't know what's up and they just don't get it when we try to explain it to them.

Have a good one!!

Shanster said...

DebH - I'll try! And if my cheese turns out I will share the recipe for sure. Thank-you, thank-you for all the good thoughts! Oh, no kidding ... the advances in medicine are wild. And yes, I absolutely believe in the little things... many times they are what give me that big ol' silly grin on my face.

mommyrides - I am! I grew up in the midwest full o' humidity... SO glad to be in CO where it's dry. Well supposed to be dry anyhow! I watched a show based in Canada once and boy oh boy - the mosquitoes seemed to come in swarms thick enough to carry people away. Yowza.

Thanks for the good thoughts! I'll post results good, bad or ugly. grin. She'll be o.k. if she isn't I'm sure it'll be due to rider error!

I'll give Norman a big ol hug when I see him for you... yeah, hard on them. I think 3 mos will go by fast and hopefully he will live out a pain free normal life if all goes according to plan. Cheers!