Friday, February 12, 2010

Wish me luck!

I head over to the Ft. Collins Nursery today with my lotion to see if I can't get another placement in town. They have a really nice retail store and I noticed they were selling goat milk soap at the register the last few times I'd been in. (DebH, you should see if some local places would sell YOUR soap - it's so nice!)

Furry Husband aka Super Salesman gave me some sales pointers and I'm still just a leetle nervous.

I stopped to mail The Help back to my girlfriend in Longmont cuz I'm not sure when I'll see her again and I know she had another person waiting to read the book.

The local pack n' mail place I use is run and owned by this wonderful curmudgeon-y guy. His wife bought some of my lotion way back before my labels were made and I was test marketing it at a craft fair. I think it was in 2008? He recognized our name on the back and he's been my most loyal customer... actually until I began really trying to sell it, he was my ONLY customer!

I told him about my appt. with Ft. Collins Nursery and he made his college age employee come show me the new tattoo she got on her wrist. She said the stuff the tat place gave her didn't really work and when Mr. Curmudgeon gave her some of my goat milk lotion - it did wonders for her new tattoo - kept it soft and smooth and comfortable.

Maybe there's a new market to explore? If you see me at the tat and piercing parlors, look for my lotion! grin


DebH said...

Oh girl you are onto something with that idea!! I believe there are all sorts of avenues for your incredible lotions. I remember having a DR prescribed lotion for my scarring from my cost 1 TRILLION Dollars and DID NOT WORK!! I would of SO believed in your lotion for the scarring healing touch I needed!! I am so glad you are getting it out there!! JUST REMEMBER.. it is USA Made..To me that is just a HUGEY!! is made by USA GOATS! Check out the site...what a great idea for Promoting the goat..(only that they are in Canada)..but what ingenuity! With your sense of humor and COOLNESS you will do extremely Well!! GOOD LUCK!!! :0)

Susan said...

I've looked into making goat milk lotion and soap. I like the different kinds I've tried. My sister makes soap from beef tallow that's really nice. Good luck selling your lotion!

Cheryl said...

That could be a great marketing strategy, maybe even get a tattoo artist to design some packaging for you?

Good luck!

PS - Hey, what about mail order?

Anonymous said...

I hope your sales trip went well. Your lotions are probably so yummy. How could anyone refuse?