Friday, February 26, 2010

Goin' to the dogs...

I volunteered to work the Foothills Tracking Club for the March 28 TDX tracking test. The funny thing is they asked me if I wanted to be a driver...



I have no sense of direction. None. I couldn't find my way out of an open box.

If they let me drive judges around, I'm pretty sure we'd end up in UT and not anywhere near the test site. When I told Furry Husband they asked me to drive he simply started laughing. He knows all too well how easily I get lost.

I also volunteered yesterday to help steward the Gordon Setter National Specialty in June because I just love those big black and tans. It'll cause little heart string tugs cuz each big, happy dog is gonna make me think of my goofy boy, Booker, who died last summer but it's fun to be around such happy, clownish dogs for a couple days and it makes me smile remembering funny Bookerish ways. (besides I absolutely LOVE Ms. H who is organizing the specialty and I would do most anything for her... within reason Ms. H, within reason)

I'll go tracking with Toe tomorrow. We'll work on his starts. Right now at the start of the track, he stands in one place and doesn't give me a direction to go... once we guide him to his first article BAM - he is hot on the trail. However, the lack of a strong start means we won't be going to the certification test March 6.

I was disappointed but Jolynn says there are a couple of people in the tracking club that can grant him his certification and when he's ready we'll arrange it with the club, head to Denver and get him certified. No big deal.

We're supposed to have some nice weather today and tomorrow... I'm hoping to get me arse in the saddle. Have a great weekend!

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Yousef said...

You should've drove them. Then you could've driven them to an undisclosed location and hold them for ransom. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!