Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No one's ever given me THAT before....

The weekend proved to be snowy, cold and I was on edge with cabin fever.

Meg called me earlier in the week asking if I could clean our trainer's barn for her Saturday. She wanted to go boarding and heard there would be snow this weekend. She was right, there was LOTSA snow.

I had the idea I'd take the horses up to Rex's barn to work them when I was done cleaning stalls since she was at a medical clinic where her sister works as an equine surgeon - Littleton Large - for the day.

Furry Husband was his usual darling self and offered to come up and help me knock out the stalls. Yeah. Once we got there? It was freeze butt cold and snowing and... I'm not bringing the horses out here. Confirmation of my decision came on our way home when our car slid thru the stop sign at Cty Rd 15 with all the snow and ice on the roads. No way would I drive the truck and trailer thru that mess.

We had just gotten home and were debating what to do with our day when Mrs. Kravitz came over to see what I had planned. Furry Husband needed to work in town for his wine sales so Mrs. Kravitz and I decided to hit the dollar movie theatre. We saw a pretty average movie for $2... it was entertaining on a crappy day.

On our way home, she wanted to stop at Beaver's Market to pick up a 12 pack of 3.2 beer (the only beer she says she can drink - it's a CO law that grocery stores can sell beer as long as it's 3.2 vs. full strength)

While we are there she says Beaver's makes their own sausages and brats and I have GOT to try them because they are so good. She is picking up various packages of sausages and brats reading me each and every package's flavors and attributes....
She made up her mind.
"I'm buying this for you - you HAVE to try these!" and she's holding a 6 pack of brats.
"Nooo - don't do that because Furry Husband isn't a big brat fan and I can't eat all 6 of those brats. Let's wait til summer and we can have a cookout."
Mrs. Kravitz looked a little crestfallen but she was not to be deterred. She spied a 2 pack of brats. Picking out a 2 pack of garlic brats she told me, "You can eat TWO brats... I'm getting these for you!"
And the look in her eye was one I know would be futile to argue against. I sat in her car on the way home holding my package of raw bratwurst.
"Mrs. Kravitz? I can honestly say no one has ever bought me raw sausages before. Thank-you"


Melinda said...

That story has me literally laughing out loud here at work! Everyone is looking at me like Ive lost my mind.
Good writing!

hezfiedler said...

I'm not a huge brats fan, but Beaver Market's spicy brats are AWESOME!

Shanster said...

Melinda - I'm glad you could see the rediculousness of that!

Hez - that is great because now I know what to get you for your birfday and christmas and wedding anniversaries and easter and st. patricks day and may day and labor day and presidents day and flag day and columbus day.... wink

La Belette Rouge said...

OMG!!! There is a Beaver market? My husband is a Oregon State Beaver football fantastic. I feel sure if I tell him about Beaver brats that he will be calling to see if he can order some. Do you think I am kidding? Nope, not kidding!;-)

DebH said...

Ahh Mrs Kravatz...she wanted to treat you...that is sweet and kooky to boot. Must of made her day to get out and enjoy it with you and she was repaying you with sausages. Gotta love her!!

Cheryl said...

Mrs Kravitz is really sweet in her own way.

Does Beaver's have Beaver's tails? (long, flat Canadian donut type thing. Yummy!)

3.2 beer? It's almost pointless, as in non alcoholic beer.

Wish we had a dolar movie theatre here.

hezfiedler said...

Shan - You already knew that I'd take a spicy sausage from you any time. - H