Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who do? You do? Voodoo?

. Sorry - but this voodoo doll made me laugh...

Furry Husband gave me a little Valentime's Day present. A friend of his makes some Boo Goo Paw Salve for dogs and these stuffed voodoo dogs. I received this little pot of the paw salve to test along with a small fabric stuffed generic doggie. It is maybe 3 inches x 4 inches of bright green fabric with white daisy-like flowers throughout.

It has a red thread doo dad on it's chest symbolizing a heart and there's a pin in it.

It's supposed to be a good, loving voodoo doll to send good intentions and love to your dog. It's really very cute. Cute idea...

However, while I was holding it and looking at it, Toe came to see. He was very interested in this little doggie representation.

And since the directions say to send love intentions to your dog with the needle into the red threads...

I looked at Toe, I took the needle from the little stuffed voodoo doggie doll and I said in a happy, joking voice, "Here you go baby Toe! See how much I love you?"

And I stabbed the needle in.

Let me tell you, that did NOT feel right AT ALL! I'm not so sure I believe in voodoo or black magic, but um... well... anything I've ever seen about voodoo dolls in jest, cartoons or movies has always been bad and caused pain to the area where a needle was struck.

I immediately thought - "Geez, if Toe falls over clutching his little chest, I am going to feel REALLY awful.."

Toe, of course, did NOT gasp and clutch his chest or even act mildly pained. He was still curious, happily wagging his stumpy tail and hoping I'd give him the little doggie voodoo doll to chew on.

I didn't want him to eat it and ingest the straight pin so I tucked it in my purse and here it sits on my desk. I told some co-workers my story. We laughed but I warned them... "You guys better leave my voodoo doll alone cuz if you kill my dog? I'm going to be really, really pissed!"


Yousef said...

HAHAHA!!! Speaking of voo doo dolls.
I would've been checking for signs of pain too. Being superstitious is just a precaution. XP

Dedene said...

Does Toe have such cute furry little balls?

Glad he doesn't believe in voodoo either.

Shanster said...

Yousef - I agree!

Dedene - they would be furry if he still had them... grin

Kelley said...

You started your story and I thought "I'm not so sure about a voodoo doll for my dog.... what if something happened??"... oh yeah, superstition runs deep! : )