Saturday, February 27, 2010


I stopped at the feed store on my way home to get bird seed, suet and raw peanuts. (Evidently I feel that I don't feed enough animals and must feed the wild things as well...)

I saw a sign "buy 2 Moozles dog chews, get 1 free". What a coincidence... we happen to have 3 dogs.
Ummmm - I'm not really sure how to eat this?

I know how to eat it nom nom nom

Can I have another Moozle? Puff dried cow noses are tasty!


Cheryl said...

Seriously, that's a cow nose?

Cute pictures! They look like little kids with new toys.

Heather said...

wait... its a what? Cow nose? Gross! I bet charley would LOVE that!

Shanster said...

Cheryl and Heather - yes, cow noses. It was the sort of thing that the more you looked at it, the more grossed out you got cuz you could just SEE a normal wet cow nose on a live cow... but these were puff dried and sitting on my kitchen table sans cow.

ewww. Dogs liked 'em tho!