Thursday, February 11, 2010

Something really cool...

K - so you guys that have been reading a long time will remember that I had this very negative and snarky post one day about someone who pees all over the toilet seat in the first stall of the ladies bathroom at work.

I'm not talking about a drip or a little sprinkle - I'm talking SPRAYING of urine ALL over the toilet seat. It is seriously like sasquatch trying to use an indoor potty for the first time.

I had a little fit in my blog about it and picked one woman I saw come out of that stall to take the blame for it. I didn't say anything to her, I didn't act differently to her because I didn't really know if she was the one who did the spraying or not, but I came over here to my blog and I had a big ol' fit about it.

Anyway - it was an uncharacteristically nasty of me to go on the attack like that.

(Tho I do stand by my opinion that if you make THAT much of a mess when you pee in a bathroom that other people have to use and you don't clean up after yourself, you are a huge ass.)

So this woman - I began saying hello to her in the hall or waving hello every once and a while. Probably out of guilt because of that nasty ol' post - which she wouldn't know about and none of you know who I'm talking about - so really no harm done to anyone...but still... I felt icky on the inside about it.

Whattya know, she stopped me in the hall today because SHE goes to see The Groper too. She has balance issues from brain tumors she had removed (yeah, how big of a jerk did I feel like when she said that) but she also has horses and just started learning to ride 4 years ago.

And I gotta tell you - anyone who starts learning to ride when they are over 55 is amazing. One cuz of their courage - horses are big and we are little hairless monkeys on their backs! Two for their commitment because muscle memory is SO MUCH HARDER as we age. I tried learning to play the banjo. Yeeeah. Not so much. Three because that is just cool.

We chatted and plan to get together to find out more about each other. Anyway - goes to show that sometimes when you don't know someone and you dislike them for whatever stupid reason you make up in your head - YOU DON'T KNOW THEM - and they might be really cool people when you begin to find out who they are.

And there is my deep thought for the day... it'll be the only deep thought I have for awhile so I hope it'll last y'all. grin.


Heather said...

Maybe you guys will become best friends and someday you can get tipsy and ask her if she is the 'office sprinkler' and put an end to the mystery!!!

DebH said...

Oh man..isn't that just how it goes? You definitely have an enormous HEART lady!!! I am an easy forgiver too, but learned many a lesson the hard way. Don't you dare feel guilty for speaking your mind on the bathroom issue, no excuses for some things. But what a cool thing to see a different side of a person and see an interesting side! More people need to be like YOU!! :)

Shanster said...

Heather - I'm not sure I'd even need to be tipsy to ask.. I could totally work it into a conversation about work!

I made my boss blush the other day cuz one of the automatic toilets in the ladies room was flushing continuously and it was so loud, I told him it scares the pee right back up into you and you have to concentrate to go... poor boss.

DebH - I dunno - I try to be a good person but sometimes something isn't right in my world and it comes out sideways at someone I don't know - not directly - guess sometimes I wanna aim my anger at someone or something.

Who knows if it's her or not... tho' I DID walk into a stall last week to see that mess and I just had to shake my head at whomever does that. They musta been raised in a barn!