Friday, February 5, 2010

The Groper

I met with The Groper again yesterday for back exercises. He didn't have to grope quite SO much since my back wasn't out and I didn't need an adjustment.

We worked on some exercises I can do at home with our dumbbells and treadmill.

I told him that I have him listed in my cell as "The Groper". I think it hurt his manly feelings a bit... he stammered and said he wish he could get around that ... but to stimulate muscles and make corrections in my posture he needs to really get in there where the muscles attach.

Then he went on to say something about how people think it's glamorous and he has girls lined up...

I interrupted him.

"No. No. No. Mr. Groper, I don't believe there is ANYTHING glamorous about putting your hands in my sweaty crotch to activate some inner thigh muscle."


The work I'm doing with him will hopefully increase my balance, body awareness and hopefully strengthen my body for riding.. he has a really good eye for what is needed on a horse and has given a couple clinics at Rex's barn about body awareness and posture while riding...

He already recognizes my short side - the side my trainer and clinicians tell me to lengthen when I ride - and he's working on getting me more even.

He is pretty cool. Even if he does cop a "medicinal" feel near my naughties every now and again!


DebH said...

I am afraid I would be laughing out loud with every single massage..and not to mention tense a tad on touch. I would have to have a swig a something strong to really enjoy the workout...but I think he would call security and ruin the effect!

Shanster said...

It is different for sure!! So far I haven't needed a swig ... grin