Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wintertime hike

Furry Husband and I went hiking in Hewlett Gulch last weekend. I figured it'd be good because bears and rattlesnakes are hibernating. Furry Husband brought a camera and documented a bit of our hike.

Our first stream crossing... I carried Toe cuz I didn't want him getting wet and I wasn't sure he'd use the stepping stones. SHEW! I made it across balancing on rocks with a small dog.

I am so going to audition for Cirque du Soliel next year....
Up and off the trail... I think the dogs see an approaching mountain lion...

Oh - I guess it was the demon spirit of a mountain lion and it is now residing in my little dog, Toe, as witnessed by the glowing, red, demon eyes.

Our last stream crossing.... and straight home to hot coffee laced with Baileys... oh, I do love my weekends!


Yousef said...

Do get an exorcism for poor Toe. I wish him the best. :P

Dedene said...

Toe is quite the adventurer. Hope you have a fantastic holiday season. Hope to hear from you next year.

Cheryl said...

Hi Shanster, what a gorgeous place for a hike! Those stones look like they were placed there just for hikers.

Sorry, I haven't been by in a while. That cookie baking business just wore me out! Hope to catch up on your previous posts soon,

Happy Holidays!!

Shanster said...

Yousef - Exorcism performed!

Dedene - you can bet on it!

Cheryl - so nice to hear from you - I wish you all the very best!!