Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Large wooden clothespins.
I picked some up a couple weeks ago cuz Joelyn wanted me to track Toe on my own. She has been out of town and couldn't help/instruct me with my tracking efforts.
I'm so new and unused to and don't know what I'm doing with tracking that once the person has walked the track, I can't "see" in my mind where they were. I completely lose the picture of the trail they left..
She said if I used clothespins to drop like breadcrumbs, it would help me see the track and Toe would get an extra confirmation for his sniffer... the wooden clothespins hold scent. Aha!
And how does one infuse their scent on a wooden clothespin? (git your minds up and outta that gutter!)
I put one set of clothespins on my side of the bed wrapped up in my pj's and I put one side on Furry Husbands side o' the bed with his pj bottoms. I made our bed and I guess I neglected to tell Furry Husband I was "scenting" the clothespins.
That night he pulled back the covers and shot me an incredulous look. "You want me to sleep with clothespins?!!!"
"No, no, no sweetie pie, honey bunch, love o' my life... I was just scenting them for Toe so when you lay a track for him, we can ...."
He didn't really wait for my explanation... he's lived with me long enough to know aaaallllll about my crazy animal schemes.... he simply breathed a big sigh of relief that his wife hadn't finally gone off the deep end and he crawled into bed.
Sweet dreams Furry Husband, sweet dreams!


Anonymous said...

I hope Toe figures out what to do with those clothespins. He might just eat them!
Good luck.

Heather said...

Its funny how animal crazy we can get! A lady out at my barn told me today that she wished her face were furry like a horses to keep her warm. Not sure if she wants to be a horse or a sideshow attraction!

Yousef said...

Furry Husband: "Ok honey, you're taking a vacation. A very LONG vacation."
Shanster: "Oh yippee a vacation!!! Can I bring Spot and Goat Clooney?"
Furry Husband: "No no no, they have to stay here where they can't mate properly *Under Breath* and away from crazy loons *Cough*. Now go with these nice gentlemen into the van where they will let you try on a new jacket. It'll be a little tight, but I picked it out myself so I know you'll like it."

Kelley said...

Poor Furry Husband... at least he knows you haven't gone off the deep end... yet.... : )

Shanster said...

Dedene - oh, you'd think he'd try and eat them but nope, he looks to find the next one and the next one and the next one til he gets to his treat covered "article" (sock, glove) at the end

Heather - yeah, Jo-Jo the dog faced boy comes to mind...

Yousef - HA! Furry Husband would get too lonely without me to keep him entertained! grin

Kelley - not yet.... tick tock, tick tock, tick tock