Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas... Eve!

I think I like Christmas Eve better than Christmas... all the anticipation and bustling fading to a peaceful quiet and we have the added bonus of snow this year!

Here is last year's Christmas picture... do you see the goat turd? Poor Furry Husband... it's why his face is 3 shades more red than normal. His last thread of sanity has always been "no goats in the house". Doesn't he realize that just makes me want to bring them in the house all the MORE? grin.

Of course Booker, the big, goofy, happy lug of a Gordon Setter isn't with us anymore... and it's bittersweet to see his handsome face in the picture above... but I was not as into Christmas this year so our annual, crazed, get as many animals as you can into the Christmas picture didn't happen. S'ok. There is next year! And there will be chickens... something for Furry Husband to look forward to!

I'm making a Cranberry Obsession Snow Cake this afternoon for Christmas dinner at Mom's tomorrow. I had to hunt down the Albertson's grocery store staff to restock the cake flour... Furry Husband asked why I couldn't use plain ol' flour. I told him in my most urgent, I gotta pee, where is the bathroom voice "Any recipe with OBSESSION in the title... NEEDS cake flour!" I'll try to remember to take pix...

Merry Christmas everyone - stay safe and I hope you enjoy the peacefulness of the day!

Oh - Spot was just tugging on my sleeve. The goaties wanted me to include this for you... From Spot and Speck and Mario... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Kelley said...

LOVE that Christmas photo... still on my fridge! : )
Can't wait to see the cake. I went a little Cranberry crazy.... I made the "Mama Stanberg's Cranberry Relish" from NPR last year... and as weird as it sounds, it's good. So this year I made it and the old family Cool Whip, pineapple, cranberry fluff. HA!HA!HA! Have a VERY Merry Christmas!!!