Thursday, December 10, 2009

Spot has a date... in microfleece?

We made lotion last night. Lots and lots and lots of lotion. We thought making it all at once would save time... and actually making that quantity made things work less efficiently. Lesson learned.

The funny part of the evening was the new seal on our lotion bottles. I had been using shrink wrap bands but those can be easily pulled off. My new bottle supplier has these "lock and seal" things. Think aspirin bottle and the Styrofoam disk you have to break through that says in tiny letters, "sealed for your protection".

We put them on and screwed down the lids... and since we can't READ directions... we unscrewed the lid to see this new lock and seal technology.

Wha? It's not working! The little disk is stuck up in the threads of the cap! How is THAT gonna work?!? We were stressing over it but put them on each bottle anyway.

I looked at the directions this morning and sure enough, at least 30 minutes needs to pass for the micro seal glue to adhere. Furry Husband unscrewed 4 bottles randomly and sure 'nuff the lotion is locked and sealed. Hooray!

The wind kicked up... drifts of snow so hard packed they can support our body weight (and I ain't no petite flower people!) were on either side of the gate - knee deep - and we couldn't get out to the cars. There was another drift behind my car... after much shovelling I broke out.

Only to have Furry Husband call about an hour later to tell me, "uh, honey? Spot is in a full on heat."


She was supposed to meet the buck, Headliner, last night for a little tryst. It was so cold, she was not showing any signs of wanting to meet the George Clooney of goats.

Now that the sun is out and it's a whopping 7 degree heat wave out there, she's changed her mind.

**Oh - side note - when you buy your goat some fleece outerwear at the thrift store because they are cold and shivering and you are worried about them? It's not nearly as easy as you might think to get said human clothes ON said 180 lb goat when she is quite sure she should NOT wear human clothes.

Do you think she should keep her fleece outerwear on for her "afternoon delight" with the buck today? Do you think he will find her that much more irresistible?


DebH said...

You have got to feel soooo productive! That much lotion is a good start!! Sounds like your weather is a bit worse than ours. I haven't heard any racket in the youngsters pens these last couple of weeks. I think they gave up on a teen pregnancy and are concentrating on keeping warm. Course..I just jinxed myself with that and will be hearing all sorts of bawling when I get home. And I saw Men who Stare at Goats in the theater a month ago..Clooney was such a cutie!! Go Spot Go!!

pollicino said...

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Heather said...

It really depends on the sweater. Is it just a plain ole' grey Hanes sweatshirt? Or is it a fancy decorated, light up holiday sweater?

Angie said...

I would worry about "George" getting tangled in the clothing.

Yousef said...

You know, I'm sure Mr. Clooney of goats doesn't care about what she's wearing. Thats just what I think lol.

Shanster said...

DebH - you DID jinx yourself...never say that stuff outloud! grin

Heather - LOL - navy blue...plain. But I think blue sets off her eyes...

Angie - no chance of that, it's form fitting to show off her lavacious curves...

Yousef - you are right - he didn't care! HA!