Monday, December 28, 2009

Mrs. Kravitz strikes again!

We have this neighbor... she would do anything for you. Her heart is in the right place. However... sometimes her head is ... well ... maybe not so much.

There is a long driveway to the East of our house and it runs the length of our property heading South to Mrs. Kravitz's house and another neighbor's house - Mr. White.

Mr. White has a big pick-up truck with a topper and he decided to try and blast through the snow blocking this driveway that happened to be just on the other side of our house Saturday morning. His truck got stuck... he was there for a while digging out and putting chains on his truck. Not long - maybe 20 minutes.

Furry Husband called Mrs. Kravitz to warn her about the snow drift and to not drive up because she could get stuck. Mrs. Kravitz didn't answer her phone and she has no voice mail or machine to take a message, but she has caller i.d.

After a time, Mrs. Kravitz noticed we called and happened to look out her window seeing Mr. White's truck but thinking it was a veterinary truck parked outside our house. (Large animal vet trucks have that sort of shell in the truck bed to hold all their instruments etc.)

Furry Husband and I were no longer at home because we were on our way to take care of a horse we were pet sitting ... on our way down the road, we passed by another neighbor, Grumpy Jack, on his tractor and exchanged friendly waves.

By the time we return to our house after feeding this horse and stopping at the grocery store for a few items, Mrs. Kravitz had convinced people Furry Husband and I were having some sort of veterinary emergency.

She called the CSU Vet Teaching Hospital to see if any of our animals had been admitted.

She called my horse trainer, Rex, telling her we had an emergency at our house.

Grumpy Jack came by on his tractor to clear the snow Mr. White's truck had gotten stuck in and Mrs. Kravitz was litterally running up the driveway, on foot, in a panic, to see what was happening at our house and if she could help...

We weren't home and she told Grumpy Jack we had an emergency. (Did I tell you Mr and Mrs Grumpy Jack are maybe the biggest gossips on the block? They always know what is going on with each and every house on the road....)

We walked into our house an hour later, completely unaware the pot had been stirred by our lovable, well-meaning neighbor, Mrs. Kravitz. We checked messages.... 1. Mrs. Kravitz out of breath asking what was wrong, she was in a panic over us and was trying to figure out where we were. 2. Rex, the horse trainer, "ummmm, your funny little watchdog called and said there was an emergency.... is everything o.k.?"

After we stopped laughing... we called Mrs. Kravitz to tell her it was Mr. White's truck stuck in snow outside our house, we had tried calling to warn her about the snow - NOT about any type of emergency. Everything was fine, no one was injured and she could take it back down to defcon 1. We gave her a loving, but much deserved, hard time for jumping to such conclusions....

We called Rex to tell her all was well, sharing more hearty laughter -

We called Grumpy Jack to let him know everything was fine and there was no emergency.


So much work to be done once Mrs. Kravitz gets involved!

You gotta love her.... besides, without her, we'd never enjoy such a good laugh when absolutely nothing was happening!


DebH said...

now that is one bored lady ..but thoughtful and imaginative to boot! Poor girl, that is hysterical and to think of the stuff she must keep an eye on. At least you can give her some fun and excitement!!

Heather said...

I aspire to be Mrs. Kravitz when I'm old and bored!

Shanster said...

DebH - that is what all of us think to! She doesn't have enough to do... bless her heart!

Heather - oh, I don't think you fully know what you are aspiring to!! grin

Cheryl said...

I have a neighbor like that. Only he's not so lovable or well meaning. I wish him well anyway, old fart.

Shanster said...

Cheryl - you are so kind! Even to all the cranky old farts out there! hee hee