Saturday, December 5, 2009

Martha Stewart I ain't...

We've been living here 8 yrs and we had new windows put in so there was exposed drywall/texturing above the windows. I guess we sorta got used to it... you don't really see it after a few years.

Since we were having our biggest crowd yet for Thanksgiving, we decided to paint with Thanksgiving as our deadline. We started out taping the trim and washing the foot boards/walls, putting down drop cloth...

And then?

And then we reached a point where we just didn't care. We wanted it DONE.
I'd come to an obvious dog slobber mark with dog food/hair stuck to the wall and I'd paint over it.
Martha Stewart would be white knuckes to her open mouth horrified.
I also discovered I'm a really bad housekeeper. We moved the couch, or the washing machine or whatever and there were violently rabid warrens of dust bunnies.
We had spider webs at all corners of our ceilings... we brushed them all down and ever since we find spiders jumping out at us in the oddest places. They've been displaced and they are looking for new homes.
I'm pretty sure Martha would be putting on a hazmat suit to come into our home.

We had this cat a long time ago who had some sort of growth in his sinuses... it caused him to sneeze violently every hour or so and each time he had a sneezing fit, ropes of snot would be flung on the walls. Awesome.

Once they dried, there was no gettin' 'em off. It was like cement. Those remnants were also covered with paint. So there will be no more misty eyed fond remembrances of Pancho (now gone to kitty heaven) when we'd pass by some long ago dried snot flung upon our walls....

I think Martha might have a quiver lip... getting ready to cry at this point.

I stopped using tape and tried detail work with a brush and a wet rag to wipe the drips or "coloring outside the lines" and there were no more drop cloths. The little hallway area has drips of paint embedded in our carpet. meh. It's on our list to get laminate floors next year anyway....

So while I'm sure we woulda sent Martha screaming down the road, we're pretty happy with the results. I like to think it's a warm Tuscan yellow... but really?

It's like we're living in Velveeta macaroni and cheese. It's comforting. Mac n' cheese is total comfort food is it not?

yes, our washing machine is right smack in the kitchen. Fun huh? Cook up yer meal and wash yer delicates all at the same time!


Yousef said...

It looks very nice from the pictures but I shudder to think what is under all that paint now. Thanks a lot for the vivid imagery. ;)

Heather said...

I love your kitchen cupboards!!!! So cute!!!

DebH said...

gorgeous!! you are a natural..and you put Martha to shame. What a warm and fuzzy look. I am envious and wish I had your talent! :)

Shanster said...

Yousef - paint fixes EVERYTHING!

Heather - thanks! We like 'em too!

DebH - geez, you make me blush! Thank-you! It does warm everything up!

Kelley said...

Made me alugh out loud... thank you!! : ) I like to think that you are just leaving "evidence" for archeologists in the future.... if we were all as anal as Martha, how would they know anything about us!?!?!?!?!?! HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!!!