Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cranberry Obsession Snow Cake

I will never make a cake with this much attention to detail ever again.

Sometimes the fun is in the journey of creation.... and around the third hour of 'creation'... phooey. Furry Husband and I were SO over this cake that by the time we presented it at Christmas dinner, neither of us wanted to try it.

Not that it was bad or anything... but after seeing it and smelling it and tastes here and there of the batter, frosting etc. We were simply done with this cake.
Cake was made - not that difficult. It was sort of time involved with the steps and I didn't understand but I followed all steps to the T. Things like blending the flour into the egg white/sugar mixture in 5 equal parts, adding 1/4 cup water once each flour addition was thoroughly mixed to make the cake batter... shrug?
Paula Dean I am not. Once the cakes were done and cool, you were supposed to rub all the browned outer surface off so the cake would be this perfect "snow white". I think Furry Husband was poking his head in the kitchen questioning my sanity at this point.

This liqueur was brushed over the tops of each round... some cranberries boiled with sugar and cherry preserves, then cooled, was put on top of the first cake round brushed with this heinous smelling liqueur... oh, I am telling you - this stuff smelled so ... like really bad tequila or varnish or something... didn't help at all with my wanting to sample the cake when finished.
Anyway - put the 2nd cake round on top and let the frosting begin.

The homemade butter cream frosting... with one pound - yes folks, one whole pound o' butter along with sugar and white chocolate 'gently folded' into the butter cream frosting.... covers the cake.
Extra cranberry preserves are presented as a garnish and lots o' white chocolate was grated to sprinkle on top.
Everyone ELSE really enjoyed the cake... but yeah. Like I said, Furry Husband and I had hit the cake wall... please - no more Cranberry Obsession Snow Cake! If I smell white chocolate any time soon I think I will hurl.
Oh - and the 40 mph winds started around 1AM Christmas Eve! YIPEEE! Wind causes all the very pretty, sparkly snow to .......
Drift. Drift. And drift. Boob high drifts. Drifts so hard packed by wind, they hold your weight. We have turned into mountain goats climbing drifts to get to the animals at feeding time. Cars stuck in drifts. Drifts across roads. Drifts shifting and changing and adding "interest" to our winter landscape.

Are ya catchin' my drift here?


Yousef said...

If I hear the word "Drift" one more time I'll hurl violently. :P

Cheryl said...

Obsession is right!!! Have you ever read or heard the Selected Shorts story Country Cooking From Central France: Roast Boned Rolled Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb (Farce Double)? It's about a recipe that takes a week to prepare. Hilarious.