Sunday, November 15, 2009

What did you do to my dog?

I got home from Seattle Wed. night and as I pulled up, the dogs all came rushing to the gate happily cheering with woofs and wagging tails that I had returned safe and sound. I peered in the darkness at Toe... he looked really different....there was a bow on his collar from the groomer we like in Wellington.


Toe was shaved!!

Oh man. I'd worked with his breeder to learn a little about the hair and how to keep him looking most cockerish. It was my goal to groom him once a month so I could roughly follow the pattern the breeder helped me with.

I know it's a silly thing - it's just hair - but when we shaved Booker, our Gordon Setter, once his show career was over, it changed his hair texture quite a bit. I didn't like it and it's another reason I vowed to keep up with Toe's grooming.

Poor Furry Husband. He was trying to do something really sweet for me... I complained before I left how dirty Toe was. In my mind I thought when I got home I'd give him a bath and a good groom session. I guess I never finished the 2nd part of my thought for Furry Husband to hear.
K - I haven't stacked a dog in a really long time and Toe was NOT at all impressed with me. He kept trying to sit and I had to grab his stub to keep his behind from hitting the floor... Sorry Baby Toe!

He wanted to surprise me with a squeaky clean pup when I got home. (isn't he the best Furry Husband in the whole world!?)

He surprised me all right!

He said when he dropped Toe off, he told them not to shave Toe. Only when he stopped to pick Toe up that afternoon... he took one look and thought: "Oh. Shanster is not going to like this at all!"

What's done is done... it's only hair and it will all grow back.
I don't think I've ever reacted that much to my own hair's bad cut or color jobs in the past. I dunno if that is from having curly hair and the lack of styling products for curly hair in the 70's and 80's and being used to having bad hair or ... if it says something more about me? Something... I'm not sure what but something!
Random kitty picture. Itty Bitty Opal Kitty was just sure she wanted some of my clementine orange at lunch.... ROOT FOR THE CUTE BITTY, ROOT FOR THE CUTE! It's crackin' me up cuz she is still sporting it. My entertainment threshold is so incredibly low... it's just sad. Really, really sad.

Seattle was super fun and I'll share soon... only we are starting a project and I wanna get going on it! We are really digging this color - it is so warm and bright - lets hope we like it as much when it's done! (shhhhh - Mom if you are reading this, it is a Thanksgiving Day suprise so don't tell anyone....)


Dedene said...

Toe must be horribly embarrassed by his "coupe". But he looks good. Can't wait to hear about your trip.
The yellow in the bedroom looks great.

Shanster said...

Poor Toe! I hope I don't feel like I live IN the sun when we are done... sure brightens things up! :)