Saturday, November 21, 2009


Shonda and I had a whole lotta fun in Seattle... but before Seattle, there was a surprise party for Harry (of the infamous Harry and Sally) in Estes Park. Sally rented a duplex cabin, invited me and Furry Husband along with two other couples.

We all arrived to surprise a semi-suspecting Harry ... after all Sally is devious. She enjoys being deviant and we all love her that much for for her mischievous ways.

Everyone brought wine - I think there were 20 bottles for the 8 humans.


Let's just say that by the end of the night, we were calling Danni's Oma (grandma) in Germany to sing a very raucous, slurred Happy Birthday. Danni is German and speaks it fluently... gawd I love people who are multi-lingual. It is so amazing to me... but only because I want to speak another language fluently and don't. I took a semester of German in college so I could ask Oma how much does that cost, where is the airport and what is that?

And I did.

I asked Oma ALL those things.

I have no idea what she said to me but it sure sounded cool.

Needless to say we didn't sleep much and we were a bit green around the gills the next morning on our way back to Ft. Collins.

Once home, I entered into my manic "I'm leaving home so I must do everything today because I may never see my home ever again" phase.

I cleaned house, cleaned the horse pens, cleaned the goat pens.... and filled bird feeders.

I had to fill the bird feeders because, you see, I am a 107 year old lady trapped inside a 39 yr old body. I like to feed birds, watch birds, talk to the birds and I have a million cats.... crazy cat slash bird lady.

I bent over to grab a handful of peanuts for the jays... snap -- pop -- crack

My back went out.

My back completely and totally went out on me.

When I stood up to tell Furry Husband, he said I looked like a deformed person I was so crooked everywhere. And it hurt. I couldn't stand up straight at all.

I was leaving for Seattle in an hour.


Yousef said...

First let me say, you have shown one reason why I will never partake in the consumption of alcohol. I like to control when I make a fool of myself. =) Sorry about your back. If it makes you feel any better I'm only 20 and I have back problems. Its from carrying that 50 lb backpack throughout high school. I get bad lower back pain on occasion and I constantly feel the need to crack my back. My posture is horrid and my neck is curved from trying to shift all my weight forward so I don't fall backwards. That is the reason books should be banned from schools and be replaced with e-books. One last comment. BOOKS ARE EVIL!!!! Ok. Glad I got that off my chest...or...back rather.

Yousef said...

Too make light of my last comment that seemed rather negative, one good thing did occur from those back breaking books... My back is muscles are very toned. :P

Shanster said...

Yousef - it's allright. To each his own in this wiggly world. I never said I was out of control, I woulda asked Oma all those things in my college German today, as much as I did that night! Tho' I do love me the wine. grin.

Cheryl said...

That's hilarious, what a fun party! But, oof! sorry about your back. That does not sound fun at all. But, ooo! can't wait to hear about your Seattle trip (and how you managed to get there despite your back).

Kelley said...

Yousef should know it doesn't take alcohol to get you to be silly... not that it doesn't help...just thought I'd toss in my 2 cents!! : ) HA!HA!HA! In fact, now that I think of some of our conversations and hanging out with Ms M... is it a good thing that we act that way without alcohol??? Nothing to blame but our own sense of humor.
As for backs... when I was jumping horses I would have my back go out, but since I no longer jump... it seems to be behaving it's self... Knock On Wood!! Of course, Yousef's comment about back packs makes me think this stink back in school might be the end of that.....
Now... where is part 2???? I need some entertainment... and it's all about Meeeeeee!

Shanster said...

Cheryl - it WAS so much fun!

Kelley - yeah, your back is gonna be HURTIN with all that PhD work!!

I know... all our girlie shenanigans ... sans al-key-hol... definately not needed but fun all the same! :)