Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I was feeding goats Sunday night and I have this little ritual.

When I'm done milking Spot, I take her back to her pen and I feed her a Ritz cracker. And I give a Ritz to the buck. I feel sorry for him that he's by himself and all stinky and sexed up.

I know a Ritz is a small consolation prize compared to sex but he comes running to get his Ritz and happily munches it. He takes what he can get.

The does and buck are next to each other, separated by a fence with a stock tank sitting in the middle - half in the doe pen and half in the buck pen.

I gave Mario his Ritz and looked into the shared stock tank full of water.

Hmm - that is a weird looking algae. It must have frozen during the storm we had and then when it got warmer, it floated to the top.

Wait. What sort of algae IS that?? (I lean in closer)

Is that straw? Did the goats put straw in the stock tank? (I squint my eyes and look harder)

*que the suspense music*


It's hair.

I looked at the buck expecting a big bald patch somewhere.... well, hold on... how would his hair get IN the stock tank?

I stand back a bit... pondering.... looking in the stock tank....



Poor little critter must have wanted water in the storm and fell in... I began screeching in my best screechy, nails on a blackboard voice.... it carries.



Poor Furry Husband pokes his head around the corner of the house. He scooped the poor lil' squirrel out of the stock tank and disposed of it....

Lil' squirrel not gonna be ok.

Poor goaties. I'm sure dead squirrel water didn't taste so good...


Kelley said...

I hate it when that happens, but at least you can feel good about feeding the squirrel well from your bird feeders for a long time before "the accident". : )
..... and it's not like there is any shortage of Squirrels!

Cheryl said...

Oh no, poor squirrel! That reminds me of one evening when I was walking my sister's or and he stopped to sniff something. After a while I realized he was licking whatever it was so I assumed one of the kids had dropped a cracker or something there. Turned out to be a newborn hairless squirrel he'd been licking like a lollipop all that time. Guess he was trying to revive it. Thoughtful, I guess, but eeewww.

Shanster said...

Kelley - yeah - I did feel bad for the poor little thing... I dug out our heated water dish for the birds/squirrels but go figure - it's been so nice out since the storm!

Cheryl - Yikes! Isn't it funny how that stuff happens and sticks with us? No kisses from HIM that afternoon huh? Ewww!