Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bode Miller

My little doe, Speck, visited Bode Miller last night for some good, good lovin'. Nope - not the amazing Alpine skier but a little buck with the same name.
I drove an hour to Lyons, CO to see Marilou at South Fork Lamanchas.... and I was thinking after being shoved into a dog crate, driven for an hour only to be pulled out of the dog crate in a dark and unfamiliar place... led down a hill and over a bridge to be put in a pen with some strange buck.... well, it's really not so "romantic" is it?

I should have given her a few beers and a shot cuz isn't everyone more horny after drinking? I mean... duh. That is why there is that country song... "Let's get drunk and screw". Am I right people?

Anyhoo.... Marilou went into the pen with my doe and held her collar while the buck did his thang. My little doe looked SO surprised and scooted forward. Then any time the buck came near her she would leap like a stag...

And with my sick sense of humor I laughed and said out loud..."Oh. Sweetie, it only hurts the first time!"

Tho' I did end up in the pen to help Marilou hold her. And I know to non-animal people that may seem strange and bizarre.... and I guess it is sorta. Only if you are a little goat that is in heat for the first time, there is simply no goat version of the Judy Blume book "Forever" or "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret" to explain what is happening to your little reproductive tract.

In the end, the goats figure it out.

Case in point.....

When I was done milking Spot last night, she leaped off the milk stand and RAN to the gate leading into the buck pen. RAN I tell you. Stood there with her little behind in his face while all 250 lbs o' him body slammed the gate trying to get at her.

When I grabbed her she looked at me like.... "Whattya doin? I WANT ME A PIECE O' THAT BUCK!"

Well - she can't have him. She is scheduled to meet Headliner... a nice buck in Livermore. I marked her heat date on the calendar and in 3 weeks she has a "date". I don't think an experienced doe like Spot will need any tequila that night to get things started.

Lookit him.
It's like she's gettin' her shot at the goat version of George Clooney.

**As a side note... Sister and I did fine with Dad today. I think it was really more shocking to her because she was hearing things in detail about his condition from nurses and other professionals and couldn't deny the inevitable. Things that aren't pretty. I hope I was there enough for her... I tried to be.
I really feel o.k. and at peace with everything - said my goodbye and told him I loved him.

Course I'm perfectly fine NOW. I'm probably still "processing" or something. I'm sure I'll watch some stupid coffee commercial 3 days from now and it'll make me cry like a baby....


Heather said...

How come one an goat has a beard and the other one doesn't? I like the bearded goat. :)

Yousef said...

Wow...mating goats...what a job. Its certainly "interesting" to learn about for a city boy like me. Oh and George Clooney? That hilarious. Your sense of humor has yet to cease to amaze me.

I'm sorry about your dad. As long as you keep in mind life goes on, everything is set into perspective and everything will be ok. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Shanster said...

Heather - cuz Headliner is a full grown BIG buck! Bode is a yearling buck and smaller which is good since Speck is a yearling herself... hard to use the BIG boys on the younger does with the size difference.

Josef - Thanks - I sure appreciate it!!

Kelley said...

You make me laugh out loud Shannon... thanks.

Glad your trip went well, and a little cry never did anyone any harm. : )

DebH said...

boy do you know how to make me laugh! I have a doe that cycled a few weeks ago that I was waiting this week to come back in. I wanted a late April baby this spring..well she started screaming for the boy last night and actually kept it up till I got out this morning. Not only did she greet me at the gate I was fastening it shut she hiked to the far corner of the acreage where Kokomo Joe was waiting in anticipation. She carried herself like royalty to his door...then when I let her in with him and put down a little grain to let them at least was Wham Bam , she snacked for a bite..then walked over to the gate with her head held ever so proudly and asked to be let out..He stinks!! What can I say, but she was done. So much for romance!! She had a mission and she went marching right back to her previous spot..Gad what a Hussy!! glad your sounding better..I feel for you and your family, Take Care