Thursday, November 5, 2009


We try not to watch too much t.v.... but it seems in the winter when it's dark so early, we turn to the boob tube for entertainment.

We tuned in for this show, V, the other night... it's a remake of the 1980's t.v. show.

You guys remember that show? Aliens show up on Earth one day with space ships. They look just like us, they claim they are peaceful but ... we learn in the first show they have ulterior motives and underneath the "just like us" appearance are strange glimpses of something otherworldly and reptilian.... creepy! The premier was really good and left us wanting more...

I read the next day in our newspaper's entertainment section that this show, V, mirror's the far right's thinking about President Obama's election and the first black president. Um, yeah. Alien's evil plot to take over the world. That is so exactly like our President.

Seriously? Give me a flippin' break. I can't believe anyone would make that leap from watching a sci-fi t.v. series. Tho' I suppose the ultimate message is supposed to be that blind faith can be a dangerous thing and that message I can buy into... tho' this is ENTERTAINMENT television people so... yeah.

Anyway, the other new show we tuned in for and we are liking so far is The Vampire Diaries. The story line moves, it's not TOO high school kitchy or girly - tho' it does move that direction now and again - it quickly moves on and even Furry Husband is digging the plot. There is good suspense and you wonder what's gonna happen.

And then there is this guy:

Ian Somerhalder. He plays Damon on the show.... Google him.


Poor Furry Husband. I told him if Ian Somerhalder shows up at our house I wouldn't kick him outta bed for eatin' crackers.

Don't worry - Furry Husband has the same agreement from me should Halle Berry knock on our door....


DebH said...

was wondering about the series V and recorded it, but haven't watched yet! I like those with a little romance and action. Now give me a good vampire movie and I get caught up in it..I liked one last year that caught my eye..Moonlight..YeeHaw was that guy a Hottie or what!!?? actor-Alex O'Loughlin Check HIM out. He will definitely get your attention!

Anonymous said...

We haven't got these shows yet here, but they sound interesting. I love science fiction and was a huge Battlestar Galatica fan.
I agree with you, Ian can come visit anytime!

Shanster said...

DebH - ah, so much scrumptious eye candy!!

Dedene - will they make their way over? Can you Netflix? :) I like sci-fi too!