Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Seattle Part II

I had an hour before leaving for the airport. I couldn't stand straight and Furry Husband told me I looked like I had spina bifida.

My back went out when I bent over to scoop up some birdseed for my bird feeders and I can tell you I was clutching my back, waving my fist at the sky cursing the birds that day my friends... curse you, you foul feathered fowl! Curse you and the eggs you hatched from!

I made panic calls to chiropractors in the phone book. I found a guy who worked on Saturdays and he said he'd fit me in if I left now...

My hair was all dorked out and it's not exactly how I wanted to leave home... in a big rush, twisted in 6 different directions and stooped over with pain. I gave Furry Husband a big hug and kiss and gimped out to my car.

The chiropractor guy looked like Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Only older. And balder. He did have the long, scraggly hair all around his bald head mullet-style.

That guy struggled to fix my back and he was huffing and he was puffing and he was sweating and he was grunting. He was soft and out of shape. He could not get my back adjusted. I could tell I was still really messed up.

I was beginning to be a little afraid. I put all my trust in this guy and I didn't know him from a serial killer. No one knew where I was and I was alone in this guy's office.
I was trying to figure out a plan to get away from him should he begin to do something dastardly... it's always good to have a plan.... and then the exam was over.


He said that was all he could do for me with a shrug of his shoulders. I was still pretty dicked up and I felt like crying because I was hurting and frustrated and I'd been looking so forward to this trip!

While I was waiting to pay, I noticed he had a picture of himself at the reception desk framed with a Maya Angelou saying about a HEro or a SHEro is someone who makes the world a better place... with a picture of HIMSELF.

Because I guess he is a SHEro or HEro?



Anyhoo - deep breath - let it go.

I made my plane, I made it to Seattle ... it was wunnerful, wunnerful, wunnerful to see my friend, Shonda!

Sunday all day was dog agility and I shoulda taken pix but I was hobbling around like a 108 yr old lady who forgot her walker. It was crowded with dogs and people of every shape, color, size and personality. Really fun to watch... Shonda qualified and she had really nice runs with her dog, Patch.

I thought to myself as I was weaving thru the crowd of dogs and people like a geriatric... if someone bumps into me?
I'm gonna fall down.
I will fall like a ton of bricks.
People will stare and a crowd will gather 'round and someone will call a whaaa-m-bu-lance for my sorry arse.

I managed to stay upright.

I found a chiropractor in the area who helped fix me on Monday... and after the chiro? We hit Pikes Market ... and the Space Needle... and coffee shops.... I know - I look like a man. Bad camera angle from the space needle.

Shonda tweaking a brass nipple. Nipple. Such a funny word. Nipple.

Oh and I had fresh seafood... it was glorious!

Patch didn't get the attraction to Seattle. She thought it was stupid. It was all concrete and waiting in the car for a long time before she could go back to Argus Ranch to play frisbee...


Yousef said...

Glad to hear your back is better and your trip didn't turn out bad.

Kelley said...

hee!hee! hee! I'm glad you finally got "straighted" out, and really.. if you were going to walk around all weirdo--- well, that's the sort of thing that wouldn't stand out at a dog show. Those people are funny!! : ) Thanks for the laugh break, I needed it.
HAPPY Thanksgiving!

Dedene said...

Looks like you had a great time. Why is it that everytime you get ready to go somewhere or on vacation, your back goes out? Mine does the same thing.
Seattle is alot of fun and a great city.

Cheryl said...

Coffee!!! I so miss coffee! I know, decaf, but not the same.

Wasn't Seattle great? And Seattle food. And another reason Seattle is so awesome, a Seattle chiro fixed your back! Too bad Patch didn't like it so much...

Shanster said...

Cheryl - yeah, Seattle was super! I actually had to take a coffee break when I got home... overdid the coffee! Yeah, poor Patch. She didn't get the draw to stores and concrete and crowds... she only cared about her frisbee!