Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving for us starts out with the infamous neighborhood walk. We live in a rural area so a walk around the block is 4 miles.... we all gather at Gina's house and head out by 9AM.

Sometimes people ride horses... one year people brought llamas... another year someone brought a pygmy goat. There are always dogs, dogs and more dogs!
It was a beautiful sunny day - we pass the Irish Cobb horse farm...
We pass by John and Nancy's house. John had a double hip replacement so he didn't join us but watched us all pass by with the grand kids... And we walk happily down the road... cars pass slowly gawking and I always wonder if they think it's some sort of protest movement. Save the turkey!

Here I am with my Ma and Little Toe.... I wore my BIG sunglasses. Furry Husband calls me Chachi when I wear 'em. As in, "Lookin' good there Chachi!"

We cook our turkey on the grill and we mostly we sat outdoors chatting; enjoying the gorgeous day...

Oh - here all the 4 women... Mom, Me, Sister and Baby...

And finally it was turkey time!

Along with pie, pie and more pie..... MMMMMM

I hope you all had a very happy, yummy and wonderful Thanksgiving!!
The End.


Dedene said...

That's a great tradition! Sounds like you've got a nice little community there.
Your pictures are nice and I love the one of you biting the turkey!!

Now, to attack Christmas.

Shanster said...

Hi Dedene! Yes - I LOVE our neighborhood!

Cheryl said...

What a great tradition! Can't imagine my neighborhood ever doing that. And, oooo! that food looks good!!!

Shanster said...

Cheryl - c'mon over next year! :)